Critical Reception For Sony/Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword

This week's edition of the regular Critical Reception column examines online reaction to Heavenly Sword, an anticipated PlayStation 3 release that critics say is "an impressive, epic hackandslash adventure" that "may not realize its full potential."

Billed as an action title that combines gameplay elements from the God of War and Dynasty Warriors series, PS3 owners and critics alike pinned high hopes on Heavenly Sword. Its success seems especially important for the PlayStation 3 at this point in time, given that the highly anticipated Lair recently debuted to a spate of below-average review scores. However, while Heavenly Sword's average rating of 80 out of 100 is described as "generally favorable" at, many reviewers note dissatisfaction regarding its gameplay.

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TriggerHappy3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

How wont this realize it's full potential ? The game is coming out this Friday along with DiRT. I don't see how anyone could go wrong with choosing one of these 2 games.

EDIT: IT come sout today ?!!!

nasim3904d ago

BTW people i am playing the stage where NARIKO battles over 2000 enemies per screen

OMGGGGGGGG i have never seen something like these in ages.

You would need around 10 x360s to do this.

The GRAPHICS are just tooo realistic to be even termed as a game!!!


why do you even post this gamasutra article?

they are linking to Eurogamer that gave Crackdown a 9/10????? Crackdown is the worst game of the century

Jdash243905d ago

Friday? I thought it came out today, although it wouldnt matter, my town sucks they probably wont get it in till this weekend, if ever (i dont even think our wal mart has warhawk yet)

greed3904d ago

damn that sucks for you but i will be picking this up hopefully this week i hope!!!!

Violater3904d ago

just waiting on my phone call to go pick you up.

Chris3993904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I drove from work on my break to pick it up. Even skipped the gym (and I'm training for a competition right now - which if you are familiar with body-building, is a HUGE deal). That's how badly I wanted this game.


And I don't understand all this "too short" b.s.. If you are a completionist, like me, this game could take forever. 3 hours of playtime sofar and I'm like 6/ 139 chapters or something.

The replay value is immense if you want to collect everything. You won't get it in one go (these glyphs, of which you need three to unlock all the specials for EACH stage).

The God of War comparisons are weak at best. Greek mythology? No. A male archtype? No. An evil King? Not really. PS2 era graphics and production values? Not even close. Kratos and Nariko both use blade like things with chains, I guess (well her weapon actually has three different effects/ appearances, one of which is a chain-blade).

Nuff talk, gonna shower and get back to it. Nariko is waiting.

- C

P.S. If you live in Toronto, ON, Canada, EB Games should have a copy of the game. Good hunting to ya!

TriggerHappy3904d ago

Great to hear your impressions, am most definitely picking this up as well. :)

SIX3904d ago

What EB in Toronto?! I thought I was the only guy with a PS3 up here :P

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The story is too old to be commented.