Superhype: Halo 3 Launch Extravaganza

Kotaku: We woke up this morning thinking it would be another normal day, not realizing that according to Microsoft PR, it's Halo 3 Day. Woo hoo! Their latest announcements have some interesting tidbits on the Halo 3 megalaunch. So we're going to play a game. The press release lists the "facts," and we translate them into more digestible content.

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nobizlikesnowbiz3693d ago

Excited doesn't describe what I'm feeling waiting for H3.

xplosneer3693d ago

Supertop Super Demon rock SuperHYPE
(Sorry game I play)

pretty neat.

Bnet3433693d ago

Definitely pissing off the halo haters.

nobizlikesnowbiz3693d ago

Yea they've got to be hating all the attention this game is getting.

Too bad they can't see that it deserves attention.

tatotiburon3693d ago

OMG poors sonyers and halo haters, this must be their worst month ever

heavyarms3692d ago

Prepare to meet the greatest game ever made. See the building of the monster that was.

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