Halo 3 Starts "A Hero Must Rise. Believe" Campaign

Kotaku: So what the hell was going on with the video we just posted below? It's all part of Microsoft's new "A Hero Must Rise. Believe" campaign to promote Halo 3.

The campaign experience does not focus on "Halo 3's" graphics or gameplay, but instead looks at the themes that lie at the heart of the tale that spans the entire "Halo" trilogy: duty, sacrifice, and most importantly, heroism.
The spot from today is called "Museum," and is a teaser for the upcoming "Diorama" in which a major scene from the Halo 3 trilogy was modeled by famous designer Stan Winston-to scale-in a massive 1200 square foot setup reaching 12 feet into the air. All the smoke and mirrors are almost enough to make you forget Halo 3 is just another notable FPS. Almost.

Full press release after the jump.

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Daxx3876d ago

It just amazes me how huge the Halo story is when you step away from the games. The books, the comics, the short films, Niel Blomkamp's and Peter Jackson's Halo movie (which I do hope is coming out in 2008) just show how the story will never die and will keep on expanding through the years to come.

Bnet3433876d ago

not a lot of people know about Halo's story.

Daxx3876d ago

Yeah it just drives me up the wall when people who "claim" to know the story and say that it is nothing worth while and is nothing but a huge sci-fi cliche. But it's just the opposite. Even the Halo rings have stories about them, you could probably fill a 200 to 500 page book about the creation of them. I hope that project that Bungie is working on "Forerunner" will tell us the mysteries surrounding the Forerunner race. I'm dieing to see what they look like.

Raptors3876d ago

As if I needed another reason to buy this game...

bluebrad19743875d ago

When I saw the Museum, it game me the same feeling I got the first time I played Halo. Which is a good thing.