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Submitted by HolyOrangeCows 1868d ago | opinion piece

The Year In Disappointments

Kotaku: "These are 2010's biggest video gaming disappointments. Now, before we go any further, know that few of the things we're listing below were terrible. These aren't the worst things in video gaming for 2010. They're just the things that we hoped or expected would be at a certain level of quality or success, but for whatever reason, were not. In other words, a disappointment!" (Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Medal of Honor, PC, PS3, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Sonic 4, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Starcraft II, Wii, Xbox 360)

HolyOrangeCows  +   1868d ago
All of these titles (except Starcraft) had me saying "D'OH!"
Yi-Long  +   1868d ago
Sega was the most disappointing for me this year...
... although TBh, that's nothing new anymore.

Poor XBLA-ports of classics, a shitty Sonic 4 with a ridiculous pricetag attached to it, and the brilliant Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) saw a mediocre sequel on a system that failed to do the original's gorgeous style any justice.

'Sega's' highlights were Bayonetta and Vanguish, which both got the usual piss-poor marketing by Sega.

I really hope for 2011 Sega hires a couple of guys who actually have a clue as to what their fans WANT, and on what systems they want it.

I seriously doubt it though.
Fred-G-Sanford  +   1868d ago
GT5 was the most disappointing game of the generation, but because of it being a PS3 exclusive, many people have to pretend that it is an awesome game.

I know that hurts a lot of butts, but I'm sorry, it's the truth. lol
CrzyFooL  +   1868d ago
Vanquish was good. Sonic Colors was pretty good on DS. Bayonetta was good. That other thing they did . . .
Pumbli  +   1868d ago
What about Napoleon Total War?

Though it may not be on the same scale as other Total War titles, Creative Assembly tweaked the engine big time and improved and changed most of the things people hated about Empire Total War.

It's a bit like Rome Total War Alexander but more of game rather then some lame mod-like expansion.
Terror_B  +   1868d ago
Yeah, GT5 was a big disappointment, having to wait so long for a "meh" game after so many promises. Im getting used to being disappointed with my PS3 i should just sell it and get a standalone Blu ray player because thats all its good for.
Commander_TK  +   1868d ago
Homer Simpson. the greatest fictional character of all time.
Vega75  +   1868d ago
@ Fred G sanford
I agree the GT5 was a disappointment to me especially with all the hype the game was getting from game sites and fanboys. But it all comes down to preference. I don't agree with kotaku about Alan wake or Starcraft 2 being a disappointment. But hey I can respect their opinion ( even if I don't agree with it) without calling them bias or anything.

Many people feel that GT5 lived up to their expectation and that how they feel. Again I can respect that even if I don't agree. I don't think anyone feels they have go love the game because is a Sony exclusive. I think they love it because they just do.

The point I'm trying to make is. You have the right to your opinion of being disappointed by GT5. I just think you don't need to insight a flamebait war with your comment.
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Amigatronic   1868d ago | Spam
antz1104  +   1868d ago
Scott Pilgrim vs The World is my new favorite movie. I fail b/c I trusted reviewers and didn't go see it last summer. Better late than never.
Kevin ButIer  +   1867d ago
Lol Kotaku u are trying too damn hard to set SC2 as a dissapointment
Daver  +   1868d ago
I totally agree with starcraft 2. That's why i didnt buy it, it was too much like the first one.
fatstarr  +   1868d ago
well thats like saying I am glad I didnt buy cod 5 6 7 8 because it was just like cod4

if you have something thats really win and successful. you dont change it, starcraft has a whole country and billions of addicts. why change the formula.

capcom had MVC2 successful game and they changed the formula, we will see how that plays out for MVC3
Daver  +   1868d ago

''Why change the formula?''

well simply because it is starcraft 2 and not 1...

more than 10 years for a game that is so similar to 10 years ago... people could still have played starcraft 1 if they didnt like the new starcraft...
jessupj  +   1868d ago
Wow, finally a 'top disappointments of 2010' article that doesn't have GT5 in it. Thank you.
Cajun Chicken  +   1868d ago
Crackdown 2, franchise right down the pan after the promiaing and still fun original. To add salt to the wound, Prototype 2 being 2 years away.
rumplstilts  +   1868d ago
Starcraft 2? Disappointing? What were they expecting? Starcraft 2 does everything a good RTS needs to do and it did it masterfully. My only gripe is the Zerg feels a little underdeveloped in contrast to the more full featured Protoss and Terran. But there is always "Heart Of The Swarm" to look forward to. Either way I disagree with Stacraft 2's inclusion on this list.

Thanks for delivering, Blizzard.
SnakeMustDie  +   1868d ago
Starcraft 2? Disappointing? Wow, talk about someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. My only gripe for SC2 is that the campaigns are split but I don't complain because the expansion packs will have a fully-loaded polished campaign for Zerg and Protoss. Now patiently waiting for Heart of the Swarm.
ChristianGamer   1868d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
Raendom  +   1868d ago
1. Kotaku posting videos of Gran Turismo 5 being slowed down without even checking them themselves. Doing it purely for the hits.

2. Kotaku losing 500,000 peoples passwords, having them leaked out and put on the internet.

3. Kotaku making Dance Central their Game of E3 and (probably) one of them has it as Game of the Year.
OcelotRigz  +   1868d ago
Mafia II. Not that it was a bad game, i actually enjoyed it but expected so so much more, i really thought it was gonna be a masterpiece.
I agree with everything else on the list although Starcraft looks a little out of place, i havent played it but from what ive read around the web it sounds like a solid game and certainly not a disappointment.
BlackCountryBob  +   1868d ago
In my opinion, medal of honour was one of my favourite games of the year and vastly superior to black ops which I really didn't enjoy (even with all the sequels, cod4 is still the best).

While I enjoyed it, I was disappointed in parts by f1 2010.
dgonza40  +   1867d ago
i agree, i really enjoyed MOH. the campaign didnt feel so short to me and the story was great, a lot of emotional attachment and the intensity was well paced.
the online did feel like it was lacking though.. just because there wasnt much variety and customization. like more guns lol
TroyAndAbed  +   1868d ago
Starcraft II?
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World?

No. Both of those were phenomenal games.

Also, while the Prince of Persia movie DID suck, the game should have been on there also. While 2008's "Prince of Persia" got a bit repetitive, the story was memorable and the gameplay mechanics were fresh. "The Forgotten Sands" has possibly the most forgettable story of the year, tacked on dialogue, and it ends RIGHT before the platforming becomes interesting. :( I was extremely disappointed.
Cenobia  +   1868d ago
They were talking about the Scott Pilgrim movie, and they loved it.
TroyAndAbed  +   1868d ago
Hey! Me too! :D
Cenobia  +   1867d ago
I haven't seen it yet.

Kran  +   1868d ago
Alan Wake had awful writing?

Im sorry, but thats unjustified. Alan Wake is possibly one of the better written storys out of most of the games out there. Most games dont even have a story, and most companies dont even try.
visualb  +   1868d ago
starcraft II n Alan Wake..lawl =|
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MaximusPrime  +   1868d ago
Kotaku is the biggest disappointment of the year.

who do not remember them deliberately slowed down video recording of GT5 loading time?
mightyboot  +   1868d ago
I think Heavy Rain was my biggest disapointment this year.

It was supossed to be superior than Quantic Dream´s previous work 'Farenheit' (aka 'Indigo Profecy') in interactivity and in plot complexity (Farenheit story was way less unpredictable than HR) and it wasnt;

HR storyline with 4 diferent characters was a bad ideia and to prove that there was alot of holes and non-existent backstory for some characters.

And HR´s gameplay felt so linear, short and casual that only makes you wish that instead being an HR there was a Farenheit 2.
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WithMyLastBreath  +   1868d ago
Idk I agree and disagree. There were some glaring plot holes, that if patched up would have made a killer game (pun intended). I actually liked the 4 person story line but they didn't execute it well enough at all. As for Indigo Prophecy, that could have been such a flagship game if it didnt decide to say, " hey we made so much sense, let's throw this in and completely ruin what we so carefully built up until now," and the simon-sez garbage haha, wow. HR just had some sections that felt like they put so much time into them, then others that felt half-completed and rushed.

long story short: I agree there are issues but these issues didn't really make it my biggest disappointment, that honor would have to go to Mafia 2. I loved most of the game, the story line was decent but there wasn't the feeling of the grittiness of the Mafia. The overall environment was impressive, but was way to confined and they didn't delve into why the Mafia is so Infamous. It was shoot this guy, deliver the package, blah blah blah. It needed more this guy did this to us, so go set his house on fire, go shank this guy and leave him in the street to send a message,stuff.
Lyr1c  +   1868d ago
You can't be serious...

That game is extremely under-appreciated.
mightyboot  +   1868d ago
Play 'Farenheit' (aka 'Indigo Profecy') and after that play 'Heavy Rain' and feel the disapointment.

ps: Farenheit doesnt have bad voice acting.
Lyr1c  +   1868d ago
I already did play Indigo Prophecy......Heavy Rain was much more emotionally involving....
mightyboot  +   1868d ago
Quote Correction: "Farenheit story was way less predictable than HR"
mjsmufc99  +   1868d ago
The Biggest Dissapointment was for the 360 fans knowing that all there so called exclusives are coming on ps3! GT5 and Heavy Rain best games of 2010
Kran  +   1868d ago
Never knew Halo was coming to the PS3. Or Alan Wake. Or Forza. Or Fable. Or Gears of War- want me to continue? Although with this being my last speach bubble (cause I lost them due to sharing my own opinions and people disapproved), i wont be able to.

The only exclusives that the PS3 now has are those that aren't own by Microsoft. All the above are all published and funded by Microsoft, which is why they will NEVER go to the PS3. Im not saying thats a bad thing. Im glad Mass Effect is going to the PS3 as they deserve to play the game too.
#14.1 (Edited 1868d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Lyr1c  +   1868d ago
You wouldn't continue.

Not because you have no bubbles, but because you can't.

You've just named every TRUE 360 exclusive in 5 names.

Says a lot when the competition is having 3x that amount in only one year.

But for your sake, yes.....go on. Edit your message if you can.
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theIMP  +   1868d ago
@ Amigatronic
You can take that anti-American sh1t the fuck on. I'm so sick of the people on this site that group us all together. Just because we're American, does that mean we all think a certain way? Nope. Do we all have the same taste? Nope. Do we dress the same way? Nope. One of my favorite things about this country is how diverse it is. Does everyone in your "Great" country have a small dick? Because that’s what I heard, so I guess it's true. Right? What do you mean no? I'm just going to group you with whatever weak ass country you come from, and chop your attitude to jealousy. You’re jealous my country can kick the sh1t out of your country, your mad because my fellow countrymen have bigger members than your country men. Most of all your jealous because, I guess, you just have nothing better to do then try to validate yourself by pointing your finger at a whole country of people, when my guess is you don't even know anyone from here. So take all your little generalizations, and shove them right up your ass. How’s that for a cocky American prick? Prick.
antz1104  +   1868d ago

Being American has nothing to do with it, fanboys are fanboys (you proving that) anywhere you go.
Gamer112  +   1868d ago
This years disappointment has to go to psn plus.
OcelotRigz  +   1868d ago
Im delighted with PS+.
There has been months where i had most of the stuff. But for all the mini games, avatars, themes, the free Fallout 3 DLC and most of all the "DC Universe Online" beta which im hooked on, it has definitely been worth it for me.
The fact that is optional and they tell you 2 months in advance what you can expect, i dont get people who get it and then complain about it.
PlayerX  +   1868d ago
Starcraft II? LOL.
magicwalnuts  +   1868d ago
So Starcraft 2, the most balanced asymmetrical RTS game ever made, is a disappointment? At least slam it for its half-assed story with way too many cues from Firefly, instead of its so-called lack of "innovation". It's not that Wings of Liberty's story was bad, it was just lacking in comparison to Brood War's which was amazing.
PlayerX  +   1868d ago
I believe the original Starcraft is more balanced.
DundahMifflin  +   1868d ago
Medal of Honor was most definitely a letdown. I got it for Christmas (it came with my 360), and I am severely burned out of it. Why? It's as if Call of Duty and Battlefield had a baby.
theunleashed64  +   1868d ago
crackdown 2! sorry xbox 360 fanboys but that piece of crap you were hyping up to be "better than infamous" failed, my brother was so dissapointed with it he returned it back at gamestop. so repetive it's not even funny got bored with it & didn't look back.
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TheHardware  +   1866d ago
here we go folks

TheHardwares top 10 disappointments of 2010

10. Final fantasy 14....I think they had college kids create this game
9. The new "Dante". crack addict with a sword.
8. Microsoft Kinect. Its better for Pc's, cept it isn't made for Pc's
7. EA, for creating tech demos of a new Road Rash and not making an actual game of it.
6. My "brother" for actually trying to convince me FF13 is a AAA game
5. David Jaffe. for making Gangs in The new TM (Sweet tooth wouldn't be in a gang) (I'm still buyin it tho ;P)
4. COD black ops...Same game different title.
3. Everyone who complained about COD black ops ....and still bought it
2. 360 fanboys. make every attempt to glorify the xbox even when games and harware and kinect weren't great.
1. Ps3 fanboys. who believe that sony is greater than, "everything else" even though arrogance is what put sony in last place in the first place...ohh and move wasn't stellar either.

thank you thank you

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