The Year In Disappointments

Kotaku: "These are 2010's biggest video gaming disappointments. Now, before we go any further, know that few of the things we're listing below were terrible. These aren't the worst things in video gaming for 2010. They're just the things that we hoped or expected would be at a certain level of quality or success, but for whatever reason, were not. In other words, a disappointment!"

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HolyOrangeCows2668d ago

All of these titles (except Starcraft) had me saying "D'OH!"

Yi-Long2668d ago

... although TBh, that's nothing new anymore.

Poor XBLA-ports of classics, a shitty Sonic 4 with a ridiculous pricetag attached to it, and the brilliant Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) saw a mediocre sequel on a system that failed to do the original's gorgeous style any justice.

'Sega's' highlights were Bayonetta and Vanguish, which both got the usual piss-poor marketing by Sega.

I really hope for 2011 Sega hires a couple of guys who actually have a clue as to what their fans WANT, and on what systems they want it.

I seriously doubt it though.

Fred-G-Sanford2668d ago

GT5 was the most disappointing game of the generation, but because of it being a PS3 exclusive, many people have to pretend that it is an awesome game.

I know that hurts a lot of butts, but I'm sorry, it's the truth. lol

CrzyFooL2668d ago

Vanquish was good. Sonic Colors was pretty good on DS. Bayonetta was good. That other thing they did . . .

Pumbli2668d ago

What about Napoleon Total War?

Though it may not be on the same scale as other Total War titles, Creative Assembly tweaked the engine big time and improved and changed most of the things people hated about Empire Total War.

It's a bit like Rome Total War Alexander but more of game rather then some lame mod-like expansion.

Terror_B2668d ago

Yeah, GT5 was a big disappointment, having to wait so long for a "meh" game after so many promises. Im getting used to being disappointed with my PS3 i should just sell it and get a standalone Blu ray player because thats all its good for.

Commander_TK2668d ago

Homer Simpson. the greatest fictional character of all time.

Vega752668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I agree the GT5 was a disappointment to me especially with all the hype the game was getting from game sites and fanboys. But it all comes down to preference. I don't agree with kotaku about Alan wake or Starcraft 2 being a disappointment. But hey I can respect their opinion ( even if I don't agree with it) without calling them bias or anything.

Many people feel that GT5 lived up to their expectation and that how they feel. Again I can respect that even if I don't agree. I don't think anyone feels they have go love the game because is a Sony exclusive. I think they love it because they just do.

The point I'm trying to make is. You have the right to your opinion of being disappointed by GT5. I just think you don't need to insight a flamebait war with your comment.

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antz11042668d ago

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is my new favorite movie. I fail b/c I trusted reviewers and didn't go see it last summer. Better late than never.

Kevin ButIer2668d ago

Lol Kotaku u are trying too damn hard to set SC2 as a dissapointment

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Daver2668d ago

I totally agree with starcraft 2. That's why i didnt buy it, it was too much like the first one.

fatstarr2668d ago

well thats like saying I am glad I didnt buy cod 5 6 7 8 because it was just like cod4

if you have something thats really win and successful. you dont change it, starcraft has a whole country and billions of addicts. why change the formula.

capcom had MVC2 successful game and they changed the formula, we will see how that plays out for MVC3

Daver2668d ago


''Why change the formula?''

well simply because it is starcraft 2 and not 1...

more than 10 years for a game that is so similar to 10 years ago... people could still have played starcraft 1 if they didnt like the new starcraft...

jessupj2668d ago

Wow, finally a 'top disappointments of 2010' article that doesn't have GT5 in it. Thank you.

Cajun Chicken2668d ago

Crackdown 2, franchise right down the pan after the promiaing and still fun original. To add salt to the wound, Prototype 2 being 2 years away.

rumplstilts2668d ago

Starcraft 2? Disappointing? What were they expecting? Starcraft 2 does everything a good RTS needs to do and it did it masterfully. My only gripe is the Zerg feels a little underdeveloped in contrast to the more full featured Protoss and Terran. But there is always "Heart Of The Swarm" to look forward to. Either way I disagree with Stacraft 2's inclusion on this list.

Thanks for delivering, Blizzard.

SnakeMustDie2668d ago

Starcraft 2? Disappointing? Wow, talk about someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. My only gripe for SC2 is that the campaigns are split but I don't complain because the expansion packs will have a fully-loaded polished campaign for Zerg and Protoss. Now patiently waiting for Heart of the Swarm.

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