Wii Is World Leader (Console War)

Nintendo has sold 9.02m consoles globally, says Nikkei
According to a report by Japanese economics resource Nikkei Net Kansai, the Wii has overtaken the Xbox 360 as the current leader of the next-generation console war – the first time Nintendo has reclaimed the title since the SNES days.

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PS360WII3842d ago

it says the 360 only sold 8.8 million.... I'm sure that number alone will get this denied

PS360WII3842d ago

umm wow I stand corrected

NextGen24Gamer3842d ago

Microsoft does not say how many Xbox 360 consoles were sold in Japan, but says it sold 6.8 million machines in the U.S., 3.3 million in Europe and 1.5 million in other areas.

Kyoto-based Nintendo, which makes Pokemon and Super Mario games, has sold 9.3 million Wii machines worldwide, nearly 3 million of them in Japan, since the game console went on sale late last year.

Tokyo-based Sony's PlayStation 3, the successor to the PlayStation 2, has also struggled. Sony has sold 4.3 million PlayStation 3 machines worldwide. It doesn't give a regional breakdown.

nasim3842d ago

x360 hasnt even sold 6 million units in NA.
It is more like 5.5 million units

In japan it has sold like 400 000 units and in EU it has sold only 2.9 million units

i agree with the figure

poor MS and x360

XxZxX3842d ago

Yipee for Wii, congratulation for coming out with new way to play and capture the heart of casual gamer.

BTW elitegamer is a sour loser.

ItsDubC3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I don't know if it's just the wording of that USAToday article or what, but I noticed that it says, "Nintendo... has sold" and, "Sony has sold" but for the 360 it says "Microsoft SAYS it sold". Just an observation; take it for what you will.

neogeo3842d ago

Nintendo is rich BI^CH!

DiLeCtioN3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

looks like the guys that wanted it to fail, failed themselves

PS360WII3842d ago

hey I was just thinking 8.8 seemed a bit low for the 360 but I'm happy Wii is console leader

happyjimmy3842d ago

Idiots. Dont they see that the 360 and ps3 are 100 times more pwerful then the tiny wii?

PS360WII3842d ago

to bad more power doesn't equal better

purin3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

The ps3 and the xbox 360 are leaps and bounds ahead of the wii, in terms of graphic capabilities; however many people (globally) want an affordable, accessible, and fun gaming console. The latter point does not simply include so called "hardcore gamers," it also includes your grandma, cousin Jim, and little Billy. The Wii is replicating the purchasing path of the DS and many "hardcores" know this, but fail to voice the truth.

ItsDubC3842d ago

On the contrary, I think it shows that humans are wise consumers.

Trick Nolte3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Everyone knows that the Xbox360 and PS3 are more "powerful" than the "tiny" Wii. Thing is only hardcore gamers care about how powerful a console is and there are even some HC who dont care. As console gamers, we are aware that Hi-end PC's are more powerful than our consoles, so, are we idiots as well? No sir. People play what they enjoy playing. Stop hatin and do you

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