Can Subscription Games Succeed on Consoles?

Can subscription games succeed on consoles in 2011? A look into some of the console subscription games that will be coming out.

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Arup022702d ago

It depends on the game

VersusEM2702d ago

For me, the game better be the one of the funist games EVER, to make me pay like 20$ a month for it.

UCMEandICU2702d ago

I don't know but we'll find out soon enough. DCUO is one hell of a fun game and the ever revolving world will be awesome but gosh, that $15 per month is a killer for me no doubt.

Now had it been $5-7 or even maybe $99-120 life time subscription then I sure would jump on that but $180 every year is really steep for me.

Focker4202701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

If this game would've released over this past summer I would've been all over it. Its just January is stuffed to the max with games. I'm buying LBP2, ME2, and Dead Space 2. I really don't know if I could afford another game. Maybe I'll just rent ME2 and Dead Space 2 since the other two have way more replay value. Tough decision.

FrankMcSpank2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )


quite honestly, Sony has so much going on every month, I don't know if I will have the time to justify spending that much money. Plus all the AAA multiplats as well. But if the game gets raving reviews I think I'll fit it in, cause it looks really good.

When Free Realms hits the PS3, I'll be all over that. I think your Free Realms character is going to be the new avatar, the next Home if you will. A more integrated one. At least I hope so, plus it'll be free. I will play it everyday.

FFXIV isn't getting any love from me. Square is crashing. They need to take a deep breath, pull their heads out of their ass and fix themselves. FFversusXIII and maybe Kingdom Hearts III are their last hopes for console success. Plus I played XI and didn't like it.

Sarcasm2701d ago

It boils down to the consumer if they think it's worth it. That's why WoW is still going strong.

RedDragan2701d ago

It would need an epic support staff, to constantly keep the game interesting to long term players.

Such as an Elite Online type of game where there are many factions trying to conquer planets, and great AI incursions that the warring factions would have to temporarily call a cease fire to stand a chance of repelling.

kneon2701d ago


That's the problem, there are just far too many good games to play to bother playing one with a monthly fee.

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multips3fan2701d ago

its going be hard for me and many ppl to pay for 15$ a year because we have all have these great exclusives and multitiplats to buy each month.

ElementX2701d ago

You mean $15 a month, not year

Spitfire_Riggz2701d ago

Thats what i said but these DC universe fanboys hate hearing it. Its just too damn much

Deacon2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

^^^That's where you're wrong my man. I'm in the closed beta for the game but I am an avid Marvel fanboy and I hate the DC Universe. First I'll say that this a damn good game. The support they've given to just the beta alone shows me what they'll be doing after DCUO goes live. Since the closed PS3 beta started on 12/10, they've released 4 patches to correct issues in the game. I've been in quite a few betas and I've never seen this much support given to a game before it goes live. If this is any indication of what kind of support SOE will be providing for this game along with new content every month then I say that 15 bucks a month is nothing. Honestly, if you can't afford to pay 15 dollars a month anything then you need to reevaluate your spending habits. Actually, for me, it'll be 30 bucks a month because my girl will be joining me. I cut my Gamefly sub because it's crap anyway and I cut out the amount of times that we go out to eat by 1 and I'm golden. Some of you guys probably spend more than 40 dollars a month on just eating out alone (not targeting anyone specific, I just know this because when I was in Marines, I used to spend that type of money eating out because chow hall food was crappy). However,this game is definitely worth shedding some weight off your wallet. I still think SOE should've went with Marvel IMO. Definitely a much better licence the DC but like I said before, I'll take what chances I can get to make my own comic book character come to life.

Spitfire_Riggz2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

My man, I really dont know why so many people on this site are backing up the price. You guys should look at the official playstation blog subscription announcement everyone is going apeshit. Those are some of the hardcore ps3 fans too, I cant imagine a casual gamer being told he has to pay that much. I also dont think any of you realize that there is no unlimited subscription for the PS3. ONly for Pc which is complete bullshit. This game is going to flop hard. On PS3 atleast... I think they are going to reavaluate the price. I would also like to point out that after seeing this game I want it REALLY BAD. But having to pay 60 plus 180 is like seeing a juicy hamburger when your starving just to realize its full of worms.

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NegativeCreepWA2701d ago

FF XI, PSO, PSU all did well on consoles. So yes, if the game is worth playing.

JsonHenry2701d ago

Yes, of course it can. Well, on the PS3 anyway because it supports KB+M. I have a hard time imagining a real in depth MMO being played with just a controller, you know?

Spenok2700d ago

Sure does. It also depends on the gamer as well.

DirtyLary2698d ago

Of course. Look at Everquest online adventures. Still going strong on ps2 and it's 14.99 a month.

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Apotheosize2701d ago

Make it free to play with a cash shop

OhReginald2701d ago

there already is a cash shop in DCUO

Orionsangel2701d ago

No never! I will never ever ever ever pay a monthly fee to play a game. Yearly maybe.

zgoldenlionz2701d ago

i started playing FFXI on the PS2 back in '03 so im sure it will work. and DCUO is alot of fun, totally worth 15 dollar subscription.

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