Pre-TGS 2007: Infinite Undiscovery discovered - Tri-Ace and Square Enix share new details

Square Enix producer Hajime Kojima and Tri-ace producer Hiroshi Ogawa took the stage to give first details on Infinite Undiscovery, which has been shrouded in secrecy since its announcement last year.

Ogawa spoke first at a high level. "We're developing this game with the key words of Discovery and Impact," he said. "The image is that of 'feeling gameplay' that surrounds the various discoveries you make on the game field. In a world created through AI from the senses of sight, sound and smell, you make a discovery, and an by taking action based on that, you create a result with impact."

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tplarkin73750d ago

If we're lucky, we'll see this late 2008.

deadpreacher3750d ago

I'm going to have to watch this game.

Bnet3433750d ago

"Square Enix producer Hajime Kojima"

Haha, Hideo Kojima's brother working on Xbox 360!!!! MGS4 coming to Xbox 360!!!! YEAH!!!!! /sarcasm

Droynas3750d ago

Great! Another Square Enix game! Can't wait :D

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