Monster Madness: EX coming to the PS3

SouthPeak Games have today announced that they will be releasing Monster Madness: EX for the Playstation 3 in North America, early next year...

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RadientFlux3840d ago

even with "EX" version of the game is gonna suck... just ask anyone who's played the x360 or PC version

JsonHenry3840d ago

Well, the game demo I played on the 360, I can honestly say that not too many people are going to be counting the days until this launches.

Clinton5143840d ago

It was already debuted as being a multiplatform title.

supaet3840d ago

another port coming to the portstation 3

resistance1003840d ago

..another 360 excluisve lost. Whats your point?

Whats your point mate. You seem obsessed with ports and have no real understanding of what ports actually are after judging your posts on a few threads.

*adds to ignore list* (i love that feature)

_insane_cobra3840d ago

The game looked so good in concept stages. I'm honesty sad it didn't deliver.

God of Gaming3840d ago

I wanted my rental money back... tis not a good game :(

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The story is too old to be commented.