FIFA 08 demo tomorrow

EA has confirmed that the demo for FIFA 08 will go live on 360 and PS3 tomorrow.

It'll give you a chance to try out what the publisher is calling its most coherent football game to date. There's the new skill system to try out, the opportunity to play as just one member of the team and not mess it up, plus the usual better graphics, physics, and all that malarkey.

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mighty_douche3875d ago

usual "xbox vs ps3 comparison" then...
or the pointless 'demo reviews'....

hope this is good, im a pro evo guy really but, if this impresses then who knows! EA will have to make a special game tho to out do pro's gameplay!

boi3875d ago

ooo yes...but I was hoping for PES instead but oh well this will do...I'm going to download both demo's on both consoles lol

Wozzer3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Its about f**king time that EA gave us the skate demo! Useless developers
EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm talkin about the PSN version

boi3875d ago

we have the skate demo..or do u mean for the psn?

well let me tell you this...its worth it...good demo indeed

THE_JUDGE3875d ago

it seems as if the PES and Fifa developers have thrown around more mudd about their soccer games than any other sport.

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The story is too old to be commented.