Nine New Xbox Live Arcade Games Announced at TGS

Here is a list of the nine newly announced XBLA games for Japanese Developers at TGS 07.

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Chexd3749d ago

WOW UK and US get too yeah???

REZ? EXIT?? wooo!!!

:D my faith is restored in XBLA

live3603749d ago

Yeah we all get it! I cant wait

iNcRiMiNaTi3749d ago

but im stilling waiting on marvel vs. capcom 2 with online they know how much they will make off this game??!?!?? the game costs $80-$100 used for cryin out loud

Darkiewonder3749d ago

for Rez and Ikaruga. Must do!

lonestarmt3749d ago

man rez??? thats freakin sweet. PSN needs to learn from this. XBL is still the leader!!

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