Wii's 'not yet' a success says Nintendo president

In a continuing 11-part interview series with Hobonichi, a Japanese developer formed by Earthbound / Mother creator Shigesato Itoi, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has described everything from his management talents to Shigeru Miyamoto's over-the-shoulder approach to game development.

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Farsendor13933d ago

wii is a weird system just wish more games would come out for it.

purin3933d ago

sounds like a 17th century military strategist

Stella3932d ago

120 million PS2s
23 million GameCubes
24 million Xboxes
167 million last gen consoles

10 million Wiis

A GameCube with waggle bolted on and a crappy library of last gen looking games.

Pet Rocks

WIIIS13932d ago

Looking at those numbers you have given, the fall from grace for PS3 is particularly accentuated and the rise of Wii and Xbox360 is particularly dramatic.

Assuming your figures are correct:
(a) In 1 year, Wii has reached 40% of the lifespan sales for Gamecube.
(b) In 2 years, Xbox360 has reached 38% of the lifespan sales of Xbox.
(c) In 1 year, PS3 has reached a measley 3% of the sales of PS2.

Wii isn't a success? PS3 isn't a failure? Don't kid yourself.

The Wood3932d ago

but i play my ps3 more. its dirt cheap so its gunna sell so i respect people who base success on things other than money (sales) alone. Im sure it will pick up in terms of games that I like.

Rooftrellen3932d ago

So few developers were on the bandwagon at the start, just like with the DS and PS2, actually, that its suffering a bit of a drought, or had been.

If you can look at the games comming up in the next few months, you have everything from racing (Mario to Indy), to adventure, to fighting, to FPS, to platform games, if you can seriously look at everything that's comming and don't find yourself interested in any of it, you're just not a gamer.

And now that developers are on board, we'll no doubt start seeing many more games, of all types, early-middle though the end of next year.

Darkiewonder3932d ago

They haven't found a way to sell it to toddlers. When they do, they'll rule everyone! <3

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