GameStop Preparing for the Casual Boom

With the influx of new and casual gamers, retailers are finding themselves having to adjust their strategies to better cater to the expanding video game customer base. GameStop recently said that they had to "retool" how they think about merchandising and layout.

The video game industry isn't just for the hardcore gamers anymore. The audience has been broadening (in part thanks to the DS and Wii) and more and more publishers are putting an emphasis on the casual market. The casual wave has implications for the world's biggest video game retailer as well, according to The New York Times.

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ReBurn3875d ago

I've seen changes in the layout of my local GameStop stores. They've added dedicated sections for kids and music in all of the local stores here.

djt233875d ago

i make go to local gamestop on Friday to see the layout

Jo0j3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

...and if they could, my thumbs would be crying, for soon they will know no challenge.

Rooftrellen3875d ago

Saying there will be no more hardcore games because of the success of the Wii is like saying there will be no more action movies because of the success of LotR. It just doesn't work like that.

Of course, games have been getting easier for a long time. Play Fight Night Round, go play Punch Out!....ok...

The NES game is much harder than the PS3/360 game. Both are boxing games, but the old one is much harder. My thumbs have not had a challenge in years.