Interview with CliffyB on Gears of War

Better known as CliffyB, the man responsible for Jazz Jackrabbit, several slices of UT and the continuing adventures of Marcus Fenix is the closest we've got to a gaming-development celebrity. Admittedly, there are other contenders, but most come across as friendly-uncle types - and Cliffy has cooler hair and swears a bit.

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AuburnTiger3909d ago

i think it's safe to say this mans 15 min are up.

razer3909d ago

Sick of this dude now.. He has the kinda face you'd love to punch!

Farsendor13909d ago

hes a weird game developer but a very good one. gears was awesome but just like most other games single player is short. but anyways i havent heard of jazz jackrabbit what gaming platform was that for?

RadientFlux3909d ago

old PC game... back when games came out on floppy disks

iNcRiMiNaTi3909d ago

i dont see why it was hyped up so me it felt like it was more of a huge playable tech demo for UE3, sort of a way to promote their engine, bioshock was the first standout to use the engine...gears on pc is smoother and has added storyline that includes the brumak, UT3 looks to be another game that will use the engine better and feel more pretty sure gears 2 will be good but like i said GoW1 is just a UE3 playable tech demo

WilliamRLBaker3909d ago

or if he one day pulled a J allard....