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Although somewhat of a short single-player game (about 7-10 hours worth) and no multi-player gaming to keep the longevity, Heavenly Sword is still a great game. The fighting feels a bit of a button bash affair to start with, but as you progress and unlock new combos, you'll soon find yourself tactically using your attacks to get the best out of each battle.

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Violater3720d ago

Waiting for Gamestop to call me to come pick it up.

OutLaw3720d ago

You didn't get a call from Gamestop yet? Yesterday I got a call from their automated system to come pick it up today.

You should give them a ring to see if it's going to be in.

ISay3720d ago

thier was aproblem with shipments to some of the reatailers some gamestops wont have the game till late on the 13th

ISay3720d ago

i have gamefly so ill have to wait till monday or tuesday before i get my hands on it. (keep it price will be aroud $45)

sonarus3720d ago

lol. i have it preordered but i doubt am gonna pick it up till friday. Jst got advanced war fighter and am loving it

THE_JUDGE3720d ago

has anyone played it yet?

Feihc Retsam3720d ago

I was a bit skeptical of this game after all of the hype... but it's beautiful.
It's not necessaruly innovative. It's a hack & slash, and the story is somewhat predictable.
But... the gameplay is spot-on and the graphics are just gorgeous.
I won't say it's "THE BEST" looking game out there, but I don't think I could argue too much with someone who did say that.
It moves great, the camera is solid, the kill moves are cinematic and the game is easy to get into.

If you have a PS3 you have to at least rent this game.
I haven't decided if it has much replay value once I'm through with it, but it's a great game nonetheless

Cat3720d ago

i think H.S. is going to be an ebay buy for me. only 7-10 hours of gameplay and fun but a little repetitive - that doesn't add up to the pricetag. anybody done yet? I'll give you $30. ;)

Violater3720d ago

Is saying this game is a rental or a bargain bin purchase, the new stealth troll?

harpua3720d ago

you could always buy > play > sell

Kholinar3720d ago

"Is saying this game is a rental or a bargain bin purchase, the new stealth troll?"

Just be glad they aren't calling it casual. :p

They might just be stating their opinion.

VaeVictus3720d ago

That's basically Bioshock in a nutshell. Terrific game but short and little replay value. I should have rented that, and will likely cancel my preorder and rent this. Halo 3 is on the horizon, need to save the $$ for that.

Cat3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

i think we're all getting a little paranoid.

i like my ps3, and i was really looking forward to this game, but am feeling lukewarm about it. i could buy and sell it, but i've got warhawk and bioshock to play, so i'd rather wait and pick up games like uncharted and R&C:ToD at retail. feel free to try and persuade me HS is worth my $60 right now, I'd like to hear some real reviews.

Edit: lol. syko, we should take this show on the road! ;)

Syko3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )


@ Cat: LOL, Looks like you have some groupies that don't want you burned at the stake.

Oh well I tried. =(

Violater3720d ago

Sorry I only preach to the choir.

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The story is too old to be commented.