Gaming PCs need as much RAM as possible

They're common fare in daily newspapers: brightly coloured brochures for electronics shops advertising bargain-priced PCs. It's not uncommon to see deals like 599 dollars for a PC with a dual core processor, which certainly sounds good at first. Yet when buying a new PC, the processor and the price shouldn't always be the only factors taken into consideration.

"The sword of performance hangs over everything else," says Christian Wolff, a spokesman for computer maker Alienware in Hamburg. A buyer should consider why they need the computer. "Surfing the internet or office applications to any computer can do that," Wolff says.

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lonestarmt3909d ago

The japanese need more than just marine shooters and sports titles. Shoot I need more than that. I can't imagine the 360 staying in japan if they don't have a great TGS this year. They will still be ok even if that happens, because of the great sales in the US. However I won't be buying one then.

PimpHandHappy3909d ago

about electronics

and they know what a normal fail rate is for consumer eltronics.

Some ppl will come in here and tell us how strange these ppl are and they will say "Who cares about Japan"!

The system has failed in Japan because you cant hide a 33% fail rate!

If they dont fix that problem you can bet 08 wont be looking all that great for the 360

still a good game system thou

just not the best in the Japanese eyes

CyberSentinel3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

The failure rate is something we can talk about seriously. It is an issue. Even with a 3 year piece of mind warranty, and a MUCH cheaper retail price then anywhere else in the world, large software library (including RPG's) leads me to believe there are other "deep seeded" reasons why they don't want to "support" the American MS system.

@2.2: Why ar you comparing a 360 to a ps2? The Xbox360 offers the VERY BEST NEXT GEN experience, for the best price (esp in Japan) with the largest software/bundle packages available.

Truth is, if it weren't for some Japanese franchises, (FF, MGS) We wouldn't even consider them a contender anymore. Hell we make BETTER RPG's then them now! (Oblivion, WoW) It is obvious to me why Japan doesn't buy American, but not to a "blind" lemming, like yourself.

Microsoft does not need Japan.

lonestarmt3909d ago

right.. they must be predjuce against americans then. geez. Plus its not the cheapest retail in the world, hello, wii,psp,ds all cheaper than the 360. The vast majority of the Japanese had ps2s and DS's so it would make sense that they are just moving onto the next thing of that. Its not like xbox1 was doing that well in the first place. ITs possible that its not doing well, because gasp, they don't like it!!

Korosuke3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

I'm from Japan and I posted a comment about Xbox in Japan in this topic.

Just terrible MS Japan's way of marketing leads people in here to negative images about Xbox.
I don't think Japanese(me either) have any prejudice against Americans products.
iPod is really in now here than walkman.

Anyway, I prefer western games to J-games. So Xbox360's lineup outside Japan is really atractive to me. But most tittles aren't released in Japan. An example with a reacent title is Bioshock though it's a million seller tittle.
So here in Japan, Xbox360 have same circumstance with PS3, there is no games to play.

But at the same time. It is surprised me that you US people(and EU people include ? I don't know) are greatly tolerant toward the defect product.

Sorry my broken Engrish.

kevin11223908d ago

It is just the fanboys who are tolerant of low quality products. For some reason they stick up for companys that release flawed hardware.

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Charlie26883909d ago

I think I would be ok with my 4Gbs of dual channel RAM (for now) ^^

pacman6153909d ago

truth is, wont do you any good unless you are running about 15-30 apps depending on the size of them, 2 gigs is the sweet spot right now for most home consumers, maybe few years 4 might benefit you

Korosuke3909d ago

Important thing is what high-end rig we have, there are few games for PC reacently.
All of games turned into multi platform and meet the limit of console, lacking of its potential the game might have.

ulath6663909d ago

Games seldom require more than 2 gb today true, but try editing 1080 HD material on your comp and youll notice a definitive difference between 4 and 2 gb :)

Charlie26883908d ago

Dude the key word was "I", I find it strange that you not knowing what I dot with my PC think I dont need the 4GB I bought on purpose, but lets look at some examples in games: more and more games now have a minimun requirement of 1GB and for the recommended is 2GB and were are still not getting to the High settings like Crysis will have, game right now like SupCom and World in conflict as reviewers have said chew Ram like there is no tomorrow and having a lot of RAM would not hurt anybody

2GB is the "sweet spot" to make the game run OK BUT if you want to truly have enough support to push games to the limit you are gonna need more than 2GB and 4GB being the next rational number

I also render video in high quality and 3D and let me tell you that having a lot of RAM is heaven set :)

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deadeyes993908d ago

i got 4 gigs dont need a gig more...