Microsoft promises more RPGs to woo Japanese gamers

The Xbox 360 is the most exciting game machine on the market," Sensui, Microsoft general manager, told reporters at a Tokyo hall. "We are going all out in a year-end competition against rivals."

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lonestarmt3720d ago

If there ever going to make me buy a 360 they are going to have to massive strides in this field, mass effect is just not doing it for me. Lost odyssey looks good though.

Feihc Retsam3720d ago

It's not just about the games in Japan.
Microsoft has provided a few solid JRPGs already, and I'd say that Blue Dragon is one of the best of it's kind.
It doesn't really do anything new with the genre, but most of the Japanese RPG market isn't looking for change. They just want a game that does what it's supposed to do, and does it well.

Microsoft needs a new marketing lead in Japan... They just aren't pitching their products to the Japanese the way other Japanese companies do(SONY- NINTENDO)

Microsoft is an American company that acts and markets like an American company.

They need to start acting and thinking Japanese if they want to make money over there.

lonestarmt3720d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

your right, but its notjust that, they just don't really like FPS, what does 360 mostly have? They need games. There are very few japanese games there period, not just rpgs.

Blue dragon is good, but its really not that good, sorry. Thats just what xbox people say when they haven't played that many rpgs. I can think of 25 games better than it. ITs not even close to persona 2,3, dragon quest7,8, final fantasy 6,7,8,10,12, xenogears, wild arms 1,2, lunar 1,2 breath of fire 2,3,4

@Feihc Retsam

Ok, I'm sorry i didn't mean to say that you were saying they were, I'm just getting annoyed that people are so, what how could they not want a 360? Not everyone is a fan of the thing. I'm mean the ps3 is getting more than 5 rpgs more like 15( why didn't you count the ones coming out for the ps3 like you did with the 360?), and they realize that the ps3 will be getting more of the type of the games they like. Just like there more 360fanboys here, there are more wii/sony fanboys there. just the gap is much bigger.I don't see why people can't understand that.

Feihc Retsam3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

You have a point, there are many superior RPGs to Blue Dragon, but as far as next gen games go, Blue Dragon is an excellent RPG.

Also, The PS3 has 7 shooters, and only 5 RPGs right now, so you could say the PS3 is more of a FPS console than any other genre. The Xbox360 has 23 RPG/RTS titles in its library but it is still selling less than the PS3 in Japan.

I think it is definitely more about the Xbox360 being an American console and being marketed by an American company.


I do not think it's them being ignorant... I think they are just not being informed about the games that are available for the Xbox360.

And, yes I may have counted some games that are not released yet, but there are still 15+ RPG/RTS titles available for the Xbox360, and for the price, you'd think that many Japanese would jump at a console that has so many games to choose from.

I just think there is a bad stigma attached to the XBOX brand in Japan, and it will take some inside help to change that.

lonestarmt3720d ago

ah I see what you are saying, then yes your right. As far as next gen consoles go, blue dragon is the best, so far. The ps3 actually has more than 5 just not many of them are in america:( How does the 360 have 23?? are you counting games not out yet??

I just don't like saying the main reason that 360 isn't doing well is because its american. I don't think the japanese are that dumb or ignorant.

godofthunder103720d ago

the 360 only have 16 percent of its games that's fps,so stop saying that all the 360 has is fps because it's not true,the only reason the 360 doesen't do well in japan is because an american company puts its out.the japaneese never did and never will support an american product even if it's 10 times better and cheaper then one fron japan,they will still buy the one from japan.
A few years ago the U.S had to threaten japan by not allowing their products in america because they were refusing to allow american products in japan.
japaneese must be smarter then americans because they buy stuff that a company fron japan made and refuse to buy anything from an american company and that'a why they own about a quarter of america now and the U.S has to bowwor money from japan.the U.S use to be the richest country but now it's japan because american refuse to buy american products and hope that an american company fails and a company from japan wins(boy something wrong here isn't it).
if people in america don't wake up soon and start doing what the japaneese do then our great grand kids would be taking orders from japan because they will own most of the U.S because of people that refuse to buy products from an american company and on top of that hopes that an american company fails and one from japan wins.

lonestarmt3719d ago

are you serious? You think that if most americans buy japanese games then america will be taken of by the japs? haha seriously holy crap. Its just video games. You know the best selling cars in america are imported yet you still can buy american cars. American movies make more money in Japan than most thier own stuff. Ipod sells really well there. So it has nothing to do with its american lets boycott it. IF you are buying something just because its american and not the best product then your a moron.(easy now, not saying ps3 is better) You people just need to realize that your 360 isn't perfect machine and why wouldn't anyone want it, if they don't they got to be biased crap needs to end.

the 360 has mostly shooter games, not just FPS. GRAW 2, bioshock, halo, rainbox six vegas, shoot even then rpg mass effect you use guns. They don't really like that stuff. All because that stuff appeals to you, heaven forbid it doesn't appeal to anyone else.

godofthunder103719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

you are the f***ing moron,you must be a dum a** if you think that not buying american products doesen't hurt america then you are a retard,first of all it's not just stupid kids toys like games you moron,just think, why do you think companies advertise buy american if it doesn't hurt america,and another thing why do you think the japaneese was refusing to let american products in at one time before the U.S threatin's people like you that are to damn dum to understand what's going on,if it's not hurting america buying stuff from companies over seas then you are dead wrong,first just think about vichicles,first the U.S car business was booming years ago and then the U.S decided to let toyota to start shiping their vichicles to sell in the U.S,now look what happen to the U.S car companies,it has half of the business it use to have,so now they have less plants and less work for the american people.
you are right about some american products being made of seas,but they still make jobs for people in the U.S and when you buy from an american company you pay taxes in the store then the money you spend goes back to the american company and they have to pay more taxes to the U.S,wich in turns help the budget and help the U.S in helping people that's been in natural disaters to buying equipment for our soilders,now when you buy a product from japan you only pay taxes on it in the store then the rest of your money goes to a company over seas and they have to pay money to their country and it help them to buy equipment for their soilders and help their country out,so to sit here and say that it don't hurt america if you buy a product from over seas is just plain stupid because no matter how you look at it you are helping another country out.the U.S use to be the richest country in the world before japan started selling their products over here,now they are the richest and the U.S has to borrow money from japan.the reason why is because people buy their products instead of american and that's a fact,you could try and say that it don't hurt america buy buying products all you want but facts are facts,and you can't do anything about it,but i know you will still say that it doesn't hurt america.
You talked about the 360 and the ps3 about buying the best one but all most all of the game programers said that they both have really the same amout of pure power because of the way are made,the only ones that say the ps3 is more powerful is sony and company that has loyalties and money invested in the ps

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Darkiewonder3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

The Better.

EDIT: Oh god, someone is going Disagree happy. :|

Feihc Retsam3720d ago

I'll toss an "Agree" your way and +1 bubble, just to take the sting out of that "disagree" there ;-)

BIadestarX3719d ago

mmm... I usually disagree with you.. but not on this.. I like jrpg... I think you have the same effect I have on people... you have enemies.. that just disagree because it's you. I some of those myself.. +1 agree and bubbles... because I don't think is fair. They should update this disagree features.. let you see who disagree.. would fix people using the disagree the way it was not intended to.

crunkthug3720d ago

they should check their rrod before releasing games

risk3720d ago

is that a mole on that guys face???

Darkiewonder3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

It's a mic piece.

Relientk773720d ago

this doesnt really matter Japan doesnt like the 360 and it still wont sell much .... if u have a 360 and halo in Japan ur frowned upon... its actually quite funny lol

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