Wal-Mart goes extra mile in Halo 3 launch madness

Wal-Mart has opened a special page designed just for the Halo 3 launch. It appears Wal-Mart will be open for a midnight launch (those that aren't already 24-hour stores) with a designated Halo 3 checkout lane and dog tags.

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toughNAME3877d ago


the game of all games

so far atleast

PS360PCROCKS3877d ago

"designated Halo 3 checkout lane" lol yeah it's called the after hours help yourself express lane.

Bloodmask3877d ago

A couple more weeks and the Chief will be upon us. My fellow Halo fans it will be a day to remember.

tplarkin73876d ago

But I've already paid in full at Gamestop. They're holding a Halo 2 tournament just before the midnight release.

THAMMER13876d ago

I was in wal mart last night to pick up a 360 for my brother. They were completely sold out of 360's. Halo 3 hype is bigger then I expected.

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The story is too old to be commented.