Eurogamer: THQ pulls Conan into Sept

THQ has brought the release dates of Conan and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts forward to 28th September. Conan is the gory and adult-themed hackandslasher for 360 and PS3, created by developer Nihilistic Software.

You play as the beefed-up barbarian of Robert E. Howard's imagination, and go around chopping limbs off and battling mythical beasts using all sorts of button-mashing mayhem. It was down for release in 2008 just over a month ago, before the publisher's dwindling financial results saw it pulled forward first to October, and now even sooner.

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resistance1003903d ago

...If this is euro release dates as Halo3 hits UK stores on the 28th

pandabear3903d ago

Bit worried it was down for 2008, then brought forward to Oct no w Sept because they are having financial difficulties - half finished game anyone???

RadientFlux3903d ago

Should have kept it in October now it's gonna to be overshadowed by Halo 3. Still it will be nice to finish up playing Halo 3 and having the option of playing a gory 3rd person action title.


The game is/was coming along nicely, but nothing sucks more than a rushed product, and disgruntled workers being rushed on a project, I do want to play this game, even thought I know it will be MEH, but I would have enjoyed it.

If they take there time, work hard to make sure the product is decent despite the deadline, This could still be a fun game.

I'll get for Nostalgic purposes.

oh well, whatever

THE_JUDGE3903d ago

Did the world stop spinning?

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The story is too old to be commented.