The Right to Return Games for a Full Refund

Frank Ling, senior editor at GamerNode, asks "why shouldn't we get a full refund for our video games?" Every gamer has had the experience of getting home, ripping off the shrink wrap on a shiny new game, then discovering that the title they just shelled out $50 for is a complete dud. Then come the dreaded words on the receipt "No Returns on Opened Software."

So why not allow us to return bad software? Right now gamers are left with one option: the used game store. Frank Ling argues for a change to that policy.

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BloodySinner3877d ago

How about checking out reviews before purchasing the game? That IS what they're for.

power0919993877d ago

Last time I checked it only cost 7bucks to rent a game. If you like it enough to buy it.... well .... buy it.

Too many people get caught up in hype, and buy games 1st day.

Just rent the game unless your a crazed fan. There is really no need to flip out, and demand a full refund now-a-day's.

WilliamRLBaker3877d ago

all so power, With blockbusters plans, you rent the game when it first comes out *which pretty much gurantee's no scratches* and if you keep it then you purchase it for pretty much the original purchase price with ur rental fee so your paying no more then what you'd pay for it new, as well once you pay for it, go back to the blockbuster store you purchased from and ask for the manaul and Case and they will be glad to give it to you.

A few of my games I've done this and just went in and said well i kept this past due and want to keep it can i have the manual and case it came in and boom bang your done.

Killfooler3877d ago

So you're saying the safe way to buy a game nowadays is to rent first before buying... essentially costing $67 dollars plus tax to own a game. Help gamers, not milkers.

WilliamRLBaker3876d ago

Killfer I go to blockbuster, The day a game is released I rent it i like it, I keep it, they charge me the remainder of price I.E I've paid 7 bux they charge me the rest of the purcahse fee. I.E 60 dollars, so i pay 52.

Atleast my blockbuster does it that way, I've not ever paid 67 dollars for a game.

clownfacemcgee3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

"I keep it, they charge me the remainder of price I.E I've paid 7 bux they charge me the rest of the purcahse fee. I.E 60 dollars, so i pay 52." The total price, as you stated was $60. You pay 7 up front, as you stated. So that would be:
-7 -7

You said you pay 52. Evidently, you're a bit rusty on simple addition and subtraction.

But on a more serious note, if you're buying a game from blockbuster that was a rental, that means other people probably rented it, and I havve a bad history with used games freezing up on level 13 or whatever, and I can't return it because I didn't get to 13 in under a week. So I just avoid used games.

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The Real Joker3877d ago

I agree with this but that is why I rent first. Its like the finger test before you go south of the border. ;)

FiveShot Bandit3876d ago

that was my laugh of the day, bubble for you

CyberSentinel3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Tell the manager its defective, (say you got to level 4 or something, and it froze up - he will not waste 5+ hours to test your claim) get your new (shrink wrapped) copy, and return it tomorrow for full price.

problem solved.

@3.1 - you don't have to take my suggestion, get raped on your return, sucker.

@3.2 - I'm speaking from experience, Its not a new practice, many people just don't think of it.

Do you think some 50 year old woman, working at Wal-mart for minimum wage thinks about what your doing to an employer who is unfairly compensating her? If you do, believe what you want, thats why some people take advantage of people like you.

tplarkin73877d ago

In the old days, it was policy for stores to take returns on games. Then guys like you came along and abused the system. They would buy a game, play it and then return it. (or, for PC games, copy it then return it) That's why we can't return games anymore.

Danny Dan3877d ago

They won't simply just give you a brand new copy still in its wrap... They will literally open it up in front of your face to make sure you don't try to do what you just said...

clownfacemcgee3876d ago

I agree. "Defective" games jsut get sent back to the publisher, so they eat the loss. And if they screwed me by making a cruddy game that I already pre-ordered, I don't care if I screw them by returning it. That's a little quid pro quo for those bastards.

reaferfore203876d ago

I've done this with two broken Xbox 360's so far; and no neither of them had the RROD. They had other problems that I'm not going to elaborate on. But anyhow I don't see how anyone can feel bad about jipping Wal-Mart for something like this. I mean come on, it's freaking Wal-Mart. They're one of the most evil corperations on the planet. (Right next to Halliburton and McDonalds LOL)

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rbanke3877d ago

You cant return them anymore because of consumers using businesses as rental places. People used to buy a game, play it and then return it when they were done with it. Businesses started making this practice to stop the loss of money from things like this.

You can place most of the blame squarely on the consumers who would abuse the ability to return merchandise. Kind of like you see people who brick a PSP and then just say 'oh well, ill lie to best buy and say it just stoped working and get a new one'. It happens in most aspects of retail sales. Hell, theres even a problem with women buying dresses and returning them after theyve worn them to some party/gathering and claiming 'oh i just didnt care for it' blah blah blah. What it comes down to is greed. Consumers are just as greedy as 'evil big businesses' and thats why you cant return games anymore, or CD's, or movies.

ReBurn3876d ago

You can't return games because they are software, and software is easily copied. So it has legal protection that allows vendors to refuse returns because the assumption they are legally allowed to make is that it has been copied or otherwise installed and activated.

rbanke3876d ago

I'm sure copy protection is part of it, but these rules started way before people were copying games in any large numbers (back in nes days)

witchking3877d ago

1. Do your research first.
2. If you're still unsure, RENT IT. Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, etc. rent games these days.
3. If you buy it and it still sucks (or you've finished a real gem and want some money for it), use eBay. NEVER trade in your games at GameStop. They give you squat for it. You can get a decent price on eBay for your games.

Farfromreality4133877d ago

Honestly, your right. There is one thing that you can do at gamestop though.

They have one week during the summer in July, I think, where if you trade in 6 or more games you get 40% more for your trade in on top of the 10% you get for having their subscriber card. Case in point, I turned in my GC and 15 games and got 295 back. Mario games also hold their price but I digress. Though, I payed a lot more back in the day, 3 years after I got those games, they still bought over half my Elite.

Gamestop is really bad but theyhave gems every now and then. I agree though. Sometimes your purchases just suck. The customer is never right, just almost always broke.

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