Blaze International reveal new premium gaming cables

Blaze International have announced their range of premium gaming cables for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, all of which will be available in the distinctive Blaze metal packaging in which we have all grown accustomed to.

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jlemdon3840d ago

If I get the VGA cable will be better than Component for 360?

(help me)

JsonHenry3840d ago

I used the VGA cable on my 360, and it thinks my TV is a computer monitor. So the options are like 1920*1080 instead of options like 720p / 1080i/p... but the best part is, my polariod HDTV all of a sudden flashed 1080p at the top of the screen.

My TV is branded 1080i. Why not 1080p? Because the only adapter that allows for 1080p is the VGA/computer port.

A lot of people could be playing in 1080p right now and don't even know it!

xplosneer3840d ago

I haven't even heard of this brand before... :|

d3l33t3840d ago

not to mention, HDMI uses a digital signal - unless you have cables 25ft+ you arnt going to notice quality difference.

dork07833839d ago

what will look better on my hdtv component cables or vga I need help on this.

TechWiz3839d ago

The main thing is that VGA is pure RGB, as opposed to Component which is compressed into YPbPr. This has to be decompressed into RGB at the TV end. VGA carries more bandwith than Component (about 2x), but it is still an analog connection.

I have two 32-inch HD LCD TV's
One is hook to a Progressive Scan DVD and the other is hook to the p/c. The P/C is using VGA and the Progressive Scan DVD is using Component. The P/C looks better to me but not by much (little clear and sharper).

I hope this helps

TechWiz3839d ago

$8 HDMI cable is the same as a $100+ HDMI cable (like monster cable). Dont waste your money thinking you are gettimg a better product because you paid more.

see this link

CNET also had a review in which I cant find that they actually tested Name brand vs generic hdmi cables and found no difference in the signal.