PS3 - Worth the investment in 6 years?

Kaz Hirai recently said the "PS3's full gaming potential won't be tapped 6 years". He also talks about the issue that developers are having issues with the PS3.

Do we feel mad or happy about this?

Some feel that is simply too long to wait. Others think it is a great thing. The premium games on the PS3 look amazing right now, imagine the progression this will have in 2 years, in 4 years, and then this 6 year mark. If you were to be mad, why be mad at Sony. . .I feel it's the developer's fault. Unless he means they won't 'unlock' the full potential via firmware updates then yes, be mad at Sony. If not, then just enjoy the natural progression of better video game graphics.

Then Kaz commented on the difficulty developing for the PS3 and compared it to the PS2 era. Kaz says. . .

If you look back at the commentary we received when we launched PS2, there was a lot of talk to the effect that 'It's very difficult to program for' and 'It's easier on a Dreamcast'. It's happened before.If people said it was easy to program the PS3, I would be worried. That wouldn't be pushing the envelope for technological development.

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mighty_douche3936d ago

im sure he was trying to state that the ps3 has alot of longevity and is there for worth the investment. to be honest, looking at things just around the corner (MGS, KILLZONE, LBP) i dreed to think what the machine will be capable of in a few years!

id rather pay a little more for tech that has been designed for the future, rather than tech which will be out dated within a few years time!

stunt2133935d ago

i hope ps3 will last for 10 years but i just wish they comes out with a new design of controller cuz im getting sick of using the same controller from ps1 - ps3

InMyOpinion3935d ago

It will last until Microsoft decides to release a new console.

Capt CHAOS3936d ago

Wait 6 years before we make the best use of your console?

actionjackson3935d ago

I think the point he is making is that with development over time, you get growth and degrees of richness at each level. Right now, the developers are giving PS3 owner games that are pretty good. Next year they will come out with better games, etc. Under your statement, software should never evolve, which we all know it does. Buying, for instance, Windows Vista, you will not gain the full benefit of the product now, since a lot of development has not been geared towards Vista quite yet. When it is geared for Vista, in a few years, the full potential will be realized. Likewise, for the PS3, it does not mean that it takes six years to develop a great game for, it just means that it's full functionality can be properly harnessed [i.e., playing multiple games at once, [email protected] and playing a game at once, etc). This will not effect the bottleneck at the developer level. Sony has in almost every instance financhially supported exclusive titles, and will continue to do so. So the bottleneck is that developers don't really care about making the best playable game, they want to make it look good and send it to the shelves. Well it is too early for the PS3 to have games popped out on a daily basis, so it will take time. Like the PSOne, PS2, Xbox, X360, and the Wii, all consumers complain that there aren't enough games whent the console is launched. Then miraculously, about a year and a half into the console's life, great games start popping up. That means it takes time to learn, program and design for. For the PS3, Sony is say "try to push the envelope everytime, and you'll still find a way to push the envelope later." From a tech standpoint, that is amazing, from a developer's standpoint, it's time consuming. So where's the bottleneck? Not at Sony.

rowdy 13936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I was very impressed with the visuals in Lair and the gameplay was good to. Just beat it actually. Most of the games that I've played for the Ps3 have been top notch games like:

F1 championship racing
Heavenly Sword

Mostly all the games that are not ported and half assed.

I do believe in time maybe within the year we will see the wow factor when someone taps the tech of the PS3. But I must say that it's off to a good start as far as in house graphics.

@Captain Chaos- This console is designed to last more than 6 to 8 years it has the tech to allow for it. Why buy another console in 3 to 4 yrs?

darx3935d ago

Unfortunately technology will surpass what the PS3 is packing in 4-5 years.

Bebedora3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I'd say it is worth it after only 1yr and even more when GT5, FF XIII and MGS4 arives

As things look now, I must say that what's coming to the PS3 six years from now and will be improved ever since release - Hello? You just got more value than you can ask for it.

Ahmadinejad3936d ago

well i think sony has to forget about ps2 and its start because they wont competing like a company like MS, they were against Sega and we all know how Sega handles business and their unfortunate problems. MS is a whole different beast and it already established itself as a very tough player in the field. so while ps3 keep promising, Ms has been concentrating on now and keep releasing great titles every quarter.

Also all this talk on 6 years, 10 years is complete PR bullshit which i didn't think people with a brain would buy, i don't care if a PC has 2 quad core cpus, 2 8800 ultra gfx cards and 8gb of ram, the trend which the technology is changing, ion 3 years it can barely run a game. the exectations for gaming has risen so much that people just dotn put up with crappy tech anymore. there is no consumer electronic hardware on the planet that is worth the investment for more than 4 years. but if that makes u feel good about ur purchase believe it. im still pissed off that sony doesnt change its tone and give me good games now so my investment has been worth it in the first 2-3 years.

Dareaver13935d ago

Consoles were never meant to have such a long life span, because there is no upgrading to the hardware. PC's will (and some already have) start outperforming the current consoles. Technology changes constantly, no one wants a 6-10 year old pc, why would a console be any different. By that time televisions will probably have started to change and what you have won't be the latest and greatest anymore.

So I totally agree with you there.

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