Make it yours - More themes for your PSP

Theme your PSP with your favourite characters and colours.

The latest system software update now allows you to decorate your PSP with digital delights. The wallpaper, icons and colour of your PSP display can be modified using a newly available Theme setting. The Home Menu icons will be brought to life with modified characters and colours to match your favourite look, game or style.

There are two colourful themes, Cookies and Classy Pink, to start you off. In addition, there are themes of your favourite PSP games including Lemmings, WipEout, and the much anticipated, action packed Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice.

Downloading and installing a theme is easy and free. Try them all out to see the different ways in which each theme can make your PSP look and feel different.

The Cookies theme is pre-installed on some PSP systems. Download the latest system software update from and check out the PSP help guides for details on how to theme your PSP.

Enjoy customising your PSP and look out for more themes coming soon.

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