Japanese Developers Rally Behind Xbox 360

At the Yebisu Garden Hall, Takashi Sensui, general manager of the Home and Entertainment Division at Microsoft took to the stage of the Xbox 360 Briefing 2007 to showcase the number of forthcoming titles available on the platform and show the support it is enjoying from the Japanese development community.

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tplarkin73840d ago

MS needs Dragon Quest exclusive to make a dent in Japan.

THE_JUDGE3840d ago

Less than a half million in almost 2 years is a good job? The Xbox division has never even made money, what kind of good job is that?

OatLoops3840d ago

Final Fantasy & Metal Gear are probably higher on their list. They probably want Japanese games that will make a bigger dent in America & Europe.

tplarkin73840d ago

By "good job" I meant they are getting japanese support. I didn't mean selling consoles.

With Xbox 1, they did a bad job since there were zero JRPGs.

i Shank u3840d ago

compared to original xbox, the 360 has so much more japanese dev support and so many more japanese style games, and yet it still sells like crap in japan. This time around, Microsoft did a great job of getting japanese support for the console, and it doesnt seem to have worked out for them. MS should do 1 of two things IMO:

1. drop the price of 360 in japan to a little less then the wii. yes, losses on hardware will be big, about ps3 sized, but an exponentially bigger customer base can make up for that if software starts sellin hard
2. ditch japan. leave it like the cold b1tch it is. focus on NA and EU, plus India, asia, Brazil, new markets where 360 is launched

3. keep on trucking. break 1 million sold by 2011. woohu

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sajj3163840d ago

an eastern philosophy. The games might be good but there is general bias towards Sony and Nintendo. Its very much a cultural thing. Like I said, if the next Xbox was designed by Japanese engineers, it would go a long way in establishing itself in the eyes of the eastern gamers.

tplarkin73840d ago

The 360 was designed by japanese and european designers.

THE_JUDGE3840d ago

still don't freaking care! The support from dev's means nothing if you don't have the system in peoples homes. Its been almost 2 years already.

bym051d3840d ago

Read: MS pays Japanese developers to rally behind XBOX360.

Need to make HDDVD or 360 competitive? Make payments.

razer3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Of the stupidest and most naive post of the day!


Now I think I hear your mom calling you for nap time.

How does someone who makes such stupid statements get so many bubbles?

bym051d3837d ago

So you disagree that HDDVD was all but dead before they paid for the recent exclusives?

How about that the 360 is all but dead in Japan and that in the past Microsoft has payed for exclusives?

My comment still seems like a logical extension to me.

riksweeney3840d ago

The only people buying the 360 in Japan are the collectors. You know, the ones that own the Amiga CD32 and the Apple Pippin.

The majority of games on the 360 are First Person Shooters which the Japanese don't play. If Microsoft want to tap the market, they need to start making horse racing and card trading games.

zonetrooper53840d ago

Actually RPG's, sports games and racing games are pretty popular in Japan. The Xbox 360 has alot of RPG's/JRPG's than the Xbox 1 and PS3. I think there was an article sometime ago which said that the PS3 has more shooters than the 360 this generation.

ericnellie3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Last generation M$ didn't have that many RPGs -- but this time, they've got more RPGs than Sony. Blue Dragon, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy XI, Oblivion, Two Worlds, Overlord, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Enchanted Arm, and Mass Effect all in 2007 and PS3 with only a small fraction. RFoM and the Darkness were a couple of PS3s highest selling titles along with Haze being one of it's most anticipated (all First Person Shooters). I didn't buy a PS3 for the RPGs because, if I did, I would be pretty pissed right about now:)

Edit -- how can anyone disagree. The fact is, if I walk down to my local game store at the end of 2007; I will have more of an RPG software selection if I look in the 360 section than in the PS3 section. If you look at software sales you will see that RFoM and the Darkness did great on the PS3. If you look at any internet forums, 90% of the people are excited about the release of Haze (including me) and fanboys are excited that it's a PS3 exclusive. Those are the facts!!!!

deadpreacher3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

True, but even with the facts out there some people are just to blind to see it. At least for FPS they are less than 20% of the games on the x360. This Gen as must say is a war. Sony would be playing Checkers, as Microsoft is playing Chess! Yea i may get some heat for that. Yet ask yourself, what kind of moves are these company's maken!?

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