Eurogamer previews Borderlands: "Hard to see how any gun-lover could resist it"

Variety and adaptability are what characterise Borderlands' action. With so very, very many different weapons, so many customisation and playstyle options, the idea is that shooting things never gets dull. There's always something new to try, some new configuration, and with the added variable of other human players, it's easy to see how this could be hugely entertaining. Much in the way that Halo's unpredictable enemy behaviour made it almost inexhaustibly enjoyable in co-op, Borderlands' randomly generated weapons, enormous world and vast amounts of collectible swag should make Hitting Things With Guns a newly revitalized experience.

Halo is definitely one comparison; Borderlands seems to be shooting for the same 'ten seconds of fun' formula, and a similar mix of vehicle-based and on-foot action. The other resemblance is, oddly enough, Diablo.

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mighty_douche3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

so far this is shaping up to be a great title, and im glad its multiplatform so i dont have to read anymore fanboy crap for a while!

2008, the year of the skint gamer!

Premonition3935d ago

This is a must by for me and my friends in 08, gonna be some nice co op fun and maybe some stories to tell along the way :)

Nth RooCH3935d ago

Something tells me the "half a million" weapons will simply be a limited number of actual different weapons, but with hundreds of thousands of tiny alterations, like laser sights, scopes etc. It's a nice idea, but I think they're over playing it, making it seem like each and every gun will be startlingly different. I somehow doubt that.

Still, looks like a good game, should be fun.

i Shank u3935d ago

i got the latest game informer and this game is the cover story. the weapon system carries over into the armor system as well; Gearbox said right now the weapons are nuts and they still have only added human weapos and none of the aliens ones yet, they keep finding guns theyve never thought of; they found pistols that are scoped and shoot shotgunshells, rifles that shoot homing darts, a weird gun that locks onto what you aiming at and after 3 seconds of lock the target explodes, etc. , they say Diablo is a huge inspiration for them in this game, in total there should be between 500000 - 1million guns, around 500,000 different armor, hugggge world of crazy bandits and creatures fighting over a colony world in a FPS / RPG that can be played with 4 people co-op.
looks realllllll good ya'll should check out the latest G. I.