Wired Review: Heavenly Sword, Or: How Awesome Graphics Can Save Iffy Gameplay

From Wired, Chris Kohler writes :

"Sony's latest PlayStation 3 game asks the question: how much are great graphics worth? My jaw literally dropped when I got my first taste of Heavenly Sword's visuals, but I soon realized that the action gameplay was not nearly as cutting-edge. And yet, the cinematics were so captivating that I gritted my teeth and pushed forward.

What's so impressive? Heavenly Sword's story, about a beautiful young warrior princess who wields the titular cursed weapon, is told through an elaborate series of cinematic scenes in which motion-capture actors like King Kong's Andy Serkis play the main characters. This results in astonishingly nuanced, human-like facial expressions."

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TriggerHappy3877d ago

Another great review for the game. Uping the Hype for PS3 gamers.

Captain Tuttle3877d ago

The reviewer says it's not worth $60...only a rent or a borrow. He says it's too short.

solidt123877d ago

The graphics are some of the best I have seen and the Facial Animation but my favorite thing was the Game play when I played the demo. Is there anyone out there that agrees with me. Only comment if you have tried to pull off all the different combo moves you can do in the demo. They really took it to another level with the fighting moves and SIXAXIS after touch.

nasim3877d ago

everyone agrees with u except the NASTY BOTS

BTW HS is now in the top 5 sales charts of all the NA and EU retailer charts

i predict 3--5m sales for this GRAPHICAL and TECHNICAL marvel

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leinadem23877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

he talks about the graphics, the lenght and the gameplay. I think is a fair review and really objective in asmuchas he emphasizes the good things and the weaknesses of the game
HS 7/10 good
" WIRED Amazing graphics, well-directed cut scenes, "bullet time" shooting sequences.

TIRED Shallow gameplay, not much variety, extremely short. "

Anego Montoya FTMFW3877d ago

more games like HEAVENLY SWORD.

sajj3163877d ago

I love short games. I love to play as much as games as possible. I loved Shadow of the Colossus for its simplicity and breavity, same thing with Gears of War, and the God of War series. I don't have time for a game thats 100+ hours of gameply like Oblivion. Length of game does not equate to a $60.00 price tag. I'm sure Two Worlds is great but 100+ hours of mediocrity is not for me and at $60.00. I'd rather play a 8-12 hour mediocre game than something thats 50+ hours.

Its not everyone's cup of tea ... short games but it is mine.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

going to bring up Shadow Of The Colossus.

i`m playing it NOW.

i can`t get enough of it.

another great short game is Dead Rising.

johnnywit3877d ago

Short games are only good to own if they have a high replay value. Don't get me wrong I love short games more than anyone but, If I can rent a game and beat it in a day then that is what I will do. It saves me 60 dollars. Gears for instance was the perfect length and it has multiplayer to justify the 60 dollar purchase for most. I hate multiplayer so I rented it and was done in 2 days. Bioshock is a great game but I'm 10 hours in and thinking when is this game going to I like games that are 6 to 10 hours long and have high replay value. My favorites would be the 1 and 2 silent hills.

aiphanes3877d ago

And God of war 3!!!

I am still getting heavenly sword...because most of the reviews are around 9.0.

The demo was tight... I can be happy playing total time of 8 to 9 hours...bioshock was only like 6 to 7 hours...and people are not talking crap about that game...gears of war was only like 6 hours and people say that is the holly grail game for the xbox 360...

Anego Montoya FTMFW3877d ago

couldn`t have said it better myself.

sajj3163877d ago

I think you'll hear some sort of announcement on Shadow of the Colossus 2 (or whatever title they give it) during the TGS Pre-Show conference ... can't wait!!!

harpua3877d ago

"bioshock was only like 6 to 7 hours...and people are not talking crap about that game."

thank you....tired of the hypocrisy crap here.

Captain Tuttle3877d ago

I got about 18 hours out of Bioshock but I like to explore...I suppose with a walkthrough the game could be done in 7 or 8 hours so someone might want to rent. Gears took me about 10 but multiplayer makes it a must buy, not a rental. Almost infinite replayability (except for the foul mouthed little punks in ranked matches).

razer3876d ago

Bioshock 6-7 hours? Gears of War 6 hours??

Are you playing these games on EASY and just running from the start and not stopping? Either you haven't played these games and are just looking at some lame excuse to justify this games short gameplay or you run through games as fast as you can on the easiest level.

Don't bring these games down because HS is supposed to be short.

On Topic: I think the facial animations on this game are top notch and probably the best lip syncing I've seen. That is one thing the PS3 seems to do much better than the 360..

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