Sony to Release Dual Layer Blu-Ray Models

Sony said Wednesday it will launch four new Blu-ray high-definition DVD recorders in Japan in November, in an effort to counter recent gains made by the rival HD DVD format. It's unclear if the new devices are slated to make their way to the U.S. HD DVD has trailed Blu-ray in disc sales this year, but it recently got a boost after movie studios Paramount and DreamWorks said they would back the format exclusively (full story). The new models will store up to 16 hours of high-definition programming on a dual-layer, 50-gigabyte Blu-ray disc; previous models were unable to record on a dual-layer disc. The priciest model is expected to come in at about $1,750. In June, video rental giant Blockbuster threw its support behind Blu-ray, saying it would no longer stock HD DVD movies (full story). Sony had hoped its PlayStation 3 game console, which comes with a Blu-ray player, would give its format an edge over HD DVD. But the PS3 has severely lagged rival Nintendo's Wii in sales since their launches late last year. Sony and Matsushita are Blu-ray's main backers, while HD DVD is backed by Toshiba and Microsoft.

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iNcRiMiNaTi3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

is that really necessary for movies? i can see what it can do for games ......but movies?

cuco333846d ago

It's a pissing contest right now. HD DVD realized that their HD15 (15gb) and HD30 (30gb) disks are plenty enough to hold everything a movie needs to hold, including lossless audio and extra bonus features. Their TL51 (50gb) disks is to counter BD50 (50gb) disk capacity that those in the know, know 50gb isn't needed for movies

Besides, if rumors are true, BDA is having some small issues making good BD50 disks and the costs are far greater than the competition.

What I like about BD50, and what I've stated for so long, is the disk capacity for data storage. Sure there's an advantage for gaming, I'm not going to knock it but that advantage won't be fully ready for the next 5 yrs in my book. PC guys will like the 50gb capacity per disk though, but pricing on both media and burners is way too expensive right now for anyone to take advantage.

4me23846d ago

".. HD DVD realized that their HD15 (15gb) and HD30 (30gb) disks are plenty enough to hold everything a movie needs to hold, including lossless audio and extra bonus features"

No.... HD DVD DID NOT realized that their HD15 (15gb)is enough.

It is Red Laser Wavelength(650nm) that made decision for them how much data can fit DVD size disk.

CodeMonkey73846d ago

By Sony to push Blu-ray. Its not needed for movies..for storage maybe. Regardless the technology is way too expensive which is one of the main reasons HD-DVD is taking the lead. More and more companies are shifting to HD-DVD because its cheaper and also suffices in terms of storage space. I know i know, all you PS3 owners are going to disagree with this. It will be funny to know that you spent $600 on a console with a dead format. Sony doesn't win format wars....give up

xfrgtr3846d ago

HDDVD is already dead

cuco333846d ago

everytime i read a Sony fanboy preaching HD DVD is already dead.

It's hysterical to say the least. Dead? FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from it youngin. Do a little research outside the proBD & proSony websites and you'll be shocked and surprised at how miniscule the HDM market is and how dead even it is right now. So if HD DVD is dead, so is Blu-Ray ;)

whateva3846d ago

did a lil kid write this why are they talking about everything but the Dual Layer Blu-Ray burner ,
and why the hell does it say "Sony to Release Dual Layer Blu-Ray Models" when sony already released Dual Layer Blu-Ray Models?

I mean was it so hard to say "Sony to Release Dual Layer Models of their Blu-Ray recorders"

cuco333846d ago

Please... really... show me the proof. Because everywhere I go, everywhere I see, everything I read on it says otherwise. Says it's just about dead even.

You must love your PS3 huh

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3846d ago

Can you prove he owns a Ps3 or not, look at his profile no next-gen system is listed so for all you know he might not have one, though I'm not agreeing with him.

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