Tony Hawk demo on XBL

Xboxkings just noticed that the demo from Tony Hawks latest installment, titled Proving Ground, is on XBL now.

You've to download 1.06 GB of data, to be able to play a small part of the new world you get to skate in Tony's new game. Ofcourse it's a way to get used to the new 'Nail the Grab' and 'Nail the Manual'.

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BloodySinner3938d ago

I just downloaded the demo. This game isn't bad, it's good actually. Regardless, I can honestly say EA's Skate is the better game. Hands down.

TheMART3938d ago

Well yeah for me certainly. Totally not into NHL and I think Skate will fit me already better because of the sort of sport. Let alone the great graphics and solid gameplay in it. I like it more then Tony Hawk: Proving Ground for sure as far as I've looked into it!

Foulacy3938d ago

skate spoiled me and no longer is tony hawk as fun :(