Microsoft To Japan: 'We Got Nothing'

At E3 2005, Microsoft filled the front rows of their press conference with shills, audience plants who hooted and hollered and applauded the arrival of the Xbox 360. They did it again at this year's Tokyo Game Show press conference.

Microsoft's latest plan to win Japan seems to be exactly the same strategy that has done wonders for them before: RPGs. With Final Fantasy XIII a very long way away for PlayStation 3, Microsoft is trying to build the ultimate platform for turn-based role-playing games. Last Remnant! Lost Odyssey! Infinite Undiscovery! The three of them start to all run together after a while, honestly.

As long as Microsoft keeps sticking to the exact same strategy, Xbox 360 will continue to sell a statistically insignificant amount of consoles in Japan.

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rev203689d ago

its a totally different culture to the europeans and americans they dont seem to grasp that, but nintendo and sony have a slightly unfair advantage they are based their lol

power0919993689d ago

I agree that it's just a differenty type of demographic in Japan, than EU, and US.

However Sony, and Nintendo do not have an unfair advantage. That's like saying MS has an unfair advantage in America.

I understand brand loyalty is higher in Japan, but it is an equal playing ground on the "home country" of the system.

WilliamRLBaker3689d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

@rev this is true, but this article is stupid if the foreword is that if they keep trying to produce an rpg console they will lose in japan..right....

they must not know japan, The number 1 Genre in japan in sales, and fanbase are....RPGS!!!!!!!!

Trying their hardest to make games that japanese gamers recognize and fill the system with rpgs is a good plan, Since the japanese really only care about 3 genres.

Rpgs,Fighters,And Top down shooters.
Statistically these 3 genres do the best, and sell the most and have the most rabid following in japan, Not trying to make the system viable in these areas to japanese gamers, is like not releasing a single fps,sports game, or fighter in america which are the 3 best selling genres here.

@power: you must not understand the japanese then, their brand loyalty when it comes to technical gadgetry is all most communist like, Because tech is a very abundent and loved area of the japanese business community, Tech accounts for something like 40-50% of all money made in japan when it comes to hard retail. (hard retail, as in not soft, I.E clothes, food...ect* I mean there are more computer,game,hardware devs in japan then most of the world when it comes to density per capita.

actionjackson3688d ago

I agree, but the japanese people are a bit more knowledgeable with what they purchase. They don't just go out an buy Sony because it is a Japanese company, they tend to buy things that are the best in the industry. But "best" has many meanings for the Japanese. There are many American companies, i.e., Apple (Ipod) which is more prevelant than any other brand in their corresponding sector. Frankly, I think Nintendo and Sony have left no room for the X360. If the Japanese want a hardcore system, they buy a PS3. If they want a recreational system, the Wii is available. Where does the X360 fit into there industry? IT's a tough answer that MS will try to solve during the life of the X360.

RadientFlux3689d ago

oh well I stopped caring how well MS did in Japan awhile ago, that's what I have a PS3 and Wii for. I have my x360 for my true passion western developed RPGs and games.

Xwow3688d ago

why MS is showing thier new RPGs at the pre-tgs not the real TGS???
from my opinion i think that MS knows that sony have more RPGs that will be revealed at TGS SO thay want to hype thier new RPGs.

Capt CHAOS3688d ago

Sheesh, what are MS JApan doing? Sitting with their thumb up their ar$e?

You would have thought that MS Japan would be a bit more involved in game development and retailing, after all Japan is a big enough market to warrant it.

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The story is too old to be commented.