GT5 Prologue Price Rumors "Categorically Incorrect"

SCEE has quashed internet rumours suggesting that the Blu-ray version of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will cost 45 Euros when it launches in Europe later this year. According to Sony, these reports are "categorically incorrect", with no decisions regarding price currently made.

Originally, various internet sources had claimed that price news had been announced by Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux (covering Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) during a press event.

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QuackPot3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

That's the issue now.

Prologue is clearly not a demo because demos are usually free, are based on a completed game and are normally released just before the full game is.

Also, most wouldn't buy a demo but just save their money for the full game. And I don't expect to see GT5 till at least mid 2008 - especially to get realistic damage perfected.

Prologue is clearly a mini-game giving a taste of things to come. Now it's a matter of balancing what you get from the mini-game with the price - or just saving your money and waiting another 6 months for the complete product.

I'm pretty excited so far with what I've seen of Prologue but it should be no more than half the price of a normal game or else I'm just going to save my money and wait.....for GT5.

Meus Renaissance3932d ago

Lets just hope the price they announce isn't higher otherwise the fury over messageboards will be immense.

resistance1003932d ago

I don't care what it costs ^_^ im getting this even if it was £50 along with a PS3 wheel :D. Gran Turismo is the main reason i brought a Ps3

ThaGeNeCySt3932d ago

I knew something was up... I barely trust news posted at & or whatever it is.

MaximusPrime3932d ago

i just went to my bank and found out that i've saved a lot of money. I have enough to pay for the GT5 Prologue no matter what.

Prologue will not be free because it is not a demo. I believe that it will be around 25 GBP thats 5 GBP higher than Warhawk.

WilliamRLBaker3932d ago

its only untrue when the company denies it then gives the truth instead we get the old...PHASE 1 steal underpants, phase 2........phase 3 profit.

Or in this case....They are wrong the game wont cost 45 euros.....Then how much will it cost.... *crickets*

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