11 Must Have Games In 2011

GamerSheep: There is way too many good games coming out in 2011. I have a feeling some of you guys won’t be able to get several games a month, or even play that many. I put together this list together for people like you, so that you only play the best. I know there are plenty more epic games coming out in 2011, but here is some gameplay of the 11 finest 2011 has to offer.

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Darth Stewie2731d ago

Damn PS3 dominates the list.

Sanii2731d ago

I'm looking forward to uncharted and lbp2 the most, but gears is looking epic.

crxss2731d ago

how does your news picture have anything to relate to games for 2011? i hope you didn't photoshop that yourself sanii just for clicks to your own video.

anyways it's an ok list, but you're missing a few big ones like DCUO, The Last Guardian, Infamous 2, Agent, Twisted Metal, and the still unannounced but eventual Halo remake.

HappyGaming2731d ago

Killzone 3?

I won't be buying all 11 games because that would cost like $600+...

Thats way to many good games I will save some for 2012 and buy them for cheap.

I got Infamous 1 last month for $10

GWAVE2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

2010 had some great games, but 2011 is going to blow it away, especially if you have a PS3. Mass Effect 2 Complete, Killzone 3, LBP2, and the best console versions of Dead Space 2 and Portal 2 before summer even hits...

zeeshan2731d ago

What about Deadspace 2 and Bioshock Infinite!?

Dac2u2731d ago

This year's going to be hard on my wallet. Let's not forget, The Witcher 2, the 3DS and all the goodies coming out for it. I'm still planning on buying Rock Band 3 and the Fender guitar and I want a full sized midi keyboard. ICO/Shadow of the Colossus HD, The Last Guardian should have been mentioned. I'm curious to see what Brink will be like. These added with the 11 listed in the video.... Let's hope the first half of 2012 isn't packed with games, I'm going to need more time to play all these.

2731d ago
IcarusOne2731d ago

Not really sure how you can say the 360's line-up sucks, because 8 of those 11 are available on it. I never understood why PS3 enthusiasts pretend that multiplats don't exist. Some of my favorite games from this gen have been multiplat.

BloodyNapkin2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )


Yeah but all eleven of those title's are on the PS3, do you get it now? Some of youre fav's are multi platform *rolleyes*, but some of my favs are PS3 exclusives.

Jake11112730d ago

I loved my ps3 but jumped back to 360. Alan Wake impressed me bigtime! I also like the streaming much better and the multi platform games work much better on 360 with live etc. BC 2 is awesome!... Dont hate me, just stating my status..

jeseth2730d ago

Other games I'm looking forward to . . .

MLB The Show 2011
The Last Gaurdian
Dragon Age 2
Twisted Metal
Batman : Arkham City
Socom 4

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ForzaGT2731d ago

and he still managed to miss two big PS3 exclusives coming 2011:

Infamous 2
The Last Guardian

visualb2731d ago

well..this isn't a PS3 must have games of 2011 =P so...yeah, gotta keep the list short ;)

emekcrash2730d ago


Really? You have obviously played them because you know.

OllieBoy2731d ago

Indeed. Don't know how anyone could not a want a PS3 with the sick amount of games next year.

Plus free online + free blu-ray player + 3D compatible, it's easy which console gives you the most bang for your buck.

HOTA9X2731d ago

lol I don't believe the blu-ray player is free.

Baka-akaB2731d ago

except it is .
So what if it reads bluray discs ? it could have been locked to read bluray games only .

It has been done with dvd drives before .

Granted it's a gift from Sony for a very selfish and mercantile reason , but it's there and indeed free .

Bloodraid2731d ago


You do realize that the Blu-ray player is part of the hardware, right? So no, it is not free. Your name is very fitting.

HappyGaming2731d ago

No Bluray player is free...
HD DVD wasn't free you had to buy it on top of the 360 console.

HOTA9X2731d ago

Wait did i miss something or are playstation 3,s been given away for free?

Legionaire20052731d ago

I agree with you 100 percent, but my friend Angelo is just a 360 fan. He only use his PS3 for movies, and he thinks about selling it? What a waste. Try to tell him about all the exclusive PS3 has over 360 yet he is not convince. Crazy!!! I know!!! He thinks its the PS3 fault for COD Modern warfare 2 and Black-Op having lag and other problems. Man is he wrong. I got all 3 systems, but I'm starting to like the PS3 more, and I always thought that the PS3 was the cheapest in terms of accessories. You don't even need a memory card, a charger, you don't even have to pay alot of money for a new hard drive(Im talking to you 360) or pay to play online and etc. I'm surprise PS3 is still in 3rd place with all these exclusive coming out for it. I am looking forward to PS4 in the future nuff said!!!

Gamer1122731d ago

But to game in 3D you got to own a 3D tv and that dont come cheap u know lol.

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-Superman-2731d ago

Too many PS3 exclusive games 2011
Damn. I need money.

Top 5 i buy:
Infamous 2
Killzone 3
LittleBigPlanet 2
Last Guaridan(I hope so)

outwar60102731d ago

lol its just better to have all hd consoles(yes that was a dig at the wii lolz)

BloodyNapkin2731d ago

Not everybody can own all 3 consoles. But if someone had to choose between one, it is pretty obvious which one is the best choice for just 50 more bucks. Yes that is right i just bought my son a PS3 for 249 bucks.

ChrisW2731d ago

I only saw 1 game that I WILL NEVER play...Even if you threaten me with death.

Other than that, good list.

JANF2730d ago


"Yeah but all eleven of those title's are on the PS3, do you get it now?"

Am I missing something? I thought GeOW 3 was a Xbox 360 exclusive.

Jake11112730d ago

I recently jumped back on the 360 bandwagon. I originally had one but went to PS3 after the RROD. With kinect, live and the multiplatform games that seem to be more solidified on the 360, I jumped back.. I downloaded Alan Wake.. WOW!!! BC 2 is amazing... Destructable environments!!! I cant go back to COD now!!... I also am having a blast with GOW2.. Cant wait until GOW3!!!!

AssassinHD2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Apparently 9 people can't count. 10 out of 11 of those games will be available on the PS3.

pain777pas2730d ago

Infamous 2 will be the sleeper hit of 2011. Watch everyone who played the first one loved it. The second one is upping the ante on every front. This my sleeper hit pick or Last Guardian if it comes out next year.

King-Leonidas2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

doesnt the woman in the picture look like Elena?

showtimefolks2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

dues ex(if 2011)
rage(i don't think it will come out in 2011)
uncharted 3
ico/sotc(everyone has to play this HAS TO)
the last guardian
twisted metal(i doubt we will see this in 2011)
forza 4
gears 3(maybe right now didn't like the first 2)
socom 4(if 2011)
resistance 3
mass effect 3
mlb the show
sorcery(if i can play with DS3 i will buy it)

i think that's all but i am sure i am missing a few games

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AKissFromDaddy2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

I'm adding Brink, Bullet Storm, Portal 2 & Dead Space 2 to this. I'm looking forward to Crysis 2 in 2011.

Pandamobile2731d ago

How can you miss things like Brink and Portal 2 in this list?

Bounkass2731d ago

Because gaming isn't all about FPS's... Especially not on consoles...

JonahNL2731d ago

Since when is Portal considered an FPS?

jidery2730d ago

Portal 2 is an FPS

-Its first person
-You shoot portals

First person shooter

nnotdead2730d ago

i wouldn't call Portal a FPS. its a puzzle game in the first person perspective.

El_Colombiano2730d ago

It's a FPS guys. First Portal Shooter.

emekcrash2730d ago

It's a puzzle game. PUZZLE GAME. What is that main objective? TO COMPLETE FREAKING PUZZLES. Not to kill things with bullets.

AssassinHD2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

Portal is definitely not a First Person Shooter. It is more like a First Person Puzzle/Platformer.

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yog-sothot2731d ago

good list, but the guy basically says he had never heard of Deus Ex before... such a shame

AK462731d ago

Probably due to his age.

bobdog6262731d ago

Bioshock Infinety for me

Arup022731d ago

In 2011? Don't think so

For me L.A Noire is day 1