TGS07: Infinite Undiscovery images

One of the surprises of the MS Press Conference was that Infinite Undiscovery is now published by Square-Enix instead of Microsoft directly.

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Moac3518d ago

omg 360 is getting so much Awesome game =). 07 and 08 will be years of the 360.

kewlkat0073518d ago

to the Xbox 360? Never thought I'd seen that anytime soon..What's up with this game, last remenats and lost odyssey, all have this knight/amored looking characters?

Don't know much about this one...

ThaGeNeCySt3518d ago

the lighting in some of those screenshots look amazing... didn't expect MS of all companies to push for all of these JRPG's on their console

Xwow3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

see i told you it will be a timed exclusive,square is the publisher not MS.

BIadestarX3518d ago

Your logic does not make sense... If we go by it.. what can you say about all other PS3 exclusive games? Example, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy... they are not being published by Sony... ehh?

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