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Black Mesa: Release Date Moved Again

The Black Mesa Team moved the release date for the Half-Life 2 mod again: "I am sorry but do not expect the game to come out within the next two months." (Black Mesa, Black Mesa: Source, Half-Life 2, PC)

Pandamobile  +   1461d ago
Black Mesa: Forever.
acky1  +   1461d ago
Black Mesa 'til you die?
Sony 'til I die
toaster   1461d ago | Offensive
acky1  +   1461d ago
your comments always sound like you're addicted to porn. You are sick. What Sony and I get up to in private is none of your business.
Sony 'til I die
-Superman-  +   1461d ago
No Black Mesa, No HL2 Episode 3
Gordon Freeman, where are you?
kramun  +   1461d ago
I blame it on the G-Man.
egidem  +   1461d ago
...either way I'm anxiously waiting for this!
DigitalAnalog  +   1461d ago
Maybe they're thinking of using the newest source engine from Portal 2?
This is annoying as heck. I'll wait for dear esther.

-End of Line
toaster  +   1461d ago
Looks like Black Mesa has a bad case of Valve Time.
thor  +   1461d ago
Yes indeed.

I thought when they announced the first delay from 2009 that it would never get finished. It's in development hell, with people who are not fully committed to the project (because their real jobs are taking up their time).

You have to have serious issues to project a 2009 release date and then not release until 2011 at the earliest. They have changed engines before as well (like DNF did).

The point of this mod was to upgrade HL's graphics to the Source engine so that they wouldn't look outdated. Well unfortunately, the source engine already looks quite dated and Black Mesa is going to look very outdated if it ever releases, defeating the point of the mod.
DoomeDx  +   1461d ago
They are to busy playing world of warcraft.
theturk   1461d ago | Spam
karl  +   1461d ago
wow.. was this coming now? like really now

i didnt even know... saw the trailer a long time ago but its not like its a valve game soo.. news about this game are not given that much importance .. or i would have known about it

well.. to bad.. i really want to play this game.. hope they can make by the first half of 2011
Tomate  +   1461d ago
The BM Team never mentioned any other release date than "2009". They couldn't make it 2009. After that the release date was set to "when it's done". The release date hasn't moved again. They never announced a 2010 release.
karl  +   1461d ago
well .. that makes a lot more sense

i dont follow this .. but that was the last thing i heard aswell..
ardivt  +   1461d ago
Sony360  +   1461d ago
I'm kinda glad I put this on the "get excited about it when it's released" list.

It's how I coped all these years for Duke Nukem Forever.
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Kyle1212  +   1461d ago
ahaha, i've been like that with most games these days, makes them so much more enjoyable.
Cajun Chicken  +   1461d ago
These things take time. Does anyone realise the people making this mod have jobs?

Imagine, you come back home from work...do you really want to create more work for yourself?

As for Black Mesa being 'outdated' when it comes out...well that's a joke. Source won't be outdated until HL3 and even then, w've not even seen HL2:Ep3 yet.
NarooN  +   1461d ago
I know they have jobs other than this mod but I still stopped caring a good while ago. What's the point in hyping your mod up and then never releasing it? The whole point of the mod was that it was a response to Valve releasing Half-Life: Source, which was nothing more than HL1 with ragdolls and prettier water.

Their goal was to do a total-remake with "current-day visuals", but by the time it releases it's gonna look outdated. Downvote me all you want but I stopped being hyped for anything HL-related a while ago, just like how Valve keeps pretending HL2: EP3 doesn't need to be developed.
p_025  +   1457d ago
From the Black Mesa forums:
Posted by CatzEyes93 regarding this blog
"wait.. that site said we moved the date again? What date? how do people extract that a date was set and then moved by me saying it isnt coming out within the next two months? I really dont understand the community sometimes."

They never HAD a 2010 date to begin with, it has not been "moved again," it was only stated that you SHOULD NOT EXPECT IT WITHIN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS. This kind of crap is the reason the developers don't like to say anything.

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