Black Mesa: Release Date Moved Again

The Black Mesa Team moved the release date for the Half-Life 2 mod again: "I am sorry but do not expect the game to come out within the next two months."

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acky12642d ago

Black Mesa 'til you die?
Sony 'til I die

toaster2642d ago Show
acky12642d ago

your comments always sound like you're addicted to porn. You are sick. What Sony and I get up to in private is none of your business.
Sony 'til I die

-Superman-2642d ago

No Black Mesa, No HL2 Episode 3
Gordon Freeman, where are you?

kramun2642d ago

I blame it on the G-Man.

egidem2642d ago

...either way I'm anxiously waiting for this!

DigitalAnalog2642d ago

This is annoying as heck. I'll wait for dear esther.

-End of Line

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toaster2642d ago

Looks like Black Mesa has a bad case of Valve Time.

thor2642d ago

Yes indeed.

I thought when they announced the first delay from 2009 that it would never get finished. It's in development hell, with people who are not fully committed to the project (because their real jobs are taking up their time).

You have to have serious issues to project a 2009 release date and then not release until 2011 at the earliest. They have changed engines before as well (like DNF did).

The point of this mod was to upgrade HL's graphics to the Source engine so that they wouldn't look outdated. Well unfortunately, the source engine already looks quite dated and Black Mesa is going to look very outdated if it ever releases, defeating the point of the mod.

DoomeDx2642d ago

They are to busy playing world of warcraft.

2642d ago
karl2642d ago

wow.. was this coming now? like really now

i didnt even know... saw the trailer a long time ago but its not like its a valve game soo.. news about this game are not given that much importance .. or i would have known about it

well.. to bad.. i really want to play this game.. hope they can make by the first half of 2011

Tomate2642d ago

The BM Team never mentioned any other release date than "2009". They couldn't make it 2009. After that the release date was set to "when it's done". The release date hasn't moved again. They never announced a 2010 release.

karl2641d ago

well .. that makes a lot more sense

i dont follow this .. but that was the last thing i heard aswell..

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