Logitech announces two new Bluetooth products for PS3

Logitech today announced two new Bluetooth products for use on Sony's PlayStation 3 console - the Logitech Cordless Vantage Headset and Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard.

These new accessories will give gamers the freedom and reliability of Bluetooth wireless technology and enhance the overall experience for their PS3 gaming.

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tethered3749d ago

Logitech Cordless Vantage Headset:
Price: USD $79.99

Logitech Cordless MediaBoard Pro Bluetooth Keyboard:
Price: USD $79.99

No thank you.

sa_nick3749d ago

I aint paying that much. I was kinda excited for a second there....

VaeVictus3748d ago

Yeah me too, but for $80 no way. My Socom headset still works fine.

Kleptic3748d ago

I am almost positive I saw that keyboard at Best Buy since Spring...

the page for this article won't load for me, so it might be in there...

but that keyboard is in the PS3 section for 79.99, except its grey...not black...but has the laptop point-pad and uses bluetooth...they have had it since I bought my PS3 in late March...

either way thought...yeah pretty expensive...I am using a logitech wireless mouse that works great, and I do need a keyboard eventually (especially with UT3 coming soon)...but will probably wait for a while...

aiphanes3749d ago

Dang logitech why are you pricing your stuff so expensive?

ps34ever3748d ago

M$ $60.00 IS TO MUCH TO.

Arkham3748d ago

$80? Sold! I was going to get the DiNovo Edge, but wouldn't mind paying half the cost for this one.

tethered3748d ago

while I agree that $80.00 is a fair price for the bluetooth keyboard (as far as other bluetooth keyboard prices go) but I don't use a keyboard often enough with my PS3 to justify spending that much for any bluetooth keyboard when I can plug and play any $10-$15 usb keyboard. I'll wait for the price to go down and stick with my usb keyboard until it does come down.

The $80.00 head set is just silly.

Arkham3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I agree with you on those terms, but I also have a Bluetooth-capable laptop and I want something higher-quality that I can use on both platforms. Likewise with my $120 BT headset, which I can use on the PS3, laptop, and phone.

For using these with *just* the PS3 the price puts the devices in a different league. Certainly they become more for the diehard PS3 users who want to get all fancy. :)

EDIT - re: below pricing reference: Agreed, again, but I think if the retail is $80, it won't be hard to find one over time via a(n) retailer/etailer for $60-$70.

e.g. Logitech's is $270 CDN for the DiNovo, but I can get it for $212 at Tiger Direct, $187 CDN at NCIX, or $185 down the street.

Ju3748d ago

I hope it will go down to $50, but the specific PS3 buttons and the touchpad build in are strong arguments. I am using a Logitec USB wireless combo right now, but I don't want to use the mouse (one more piece lying around) which makes me use the KB + Sixaxis for the browser - and without controller you can use quick navigation which I got used to.
With that KB it looks you get both well integrated. And only one piece on the table.

Darkiewonder3748d ago

Why can't they add some blue LED Lights for the keyboard or somewhere to match the ps3? ;(

arcadegoal3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Yes pricy indeed are they just targetting the rich.welcome addittion though as sony couldt be botherd to make one... 1 up you wont blue led lights aswell ? why dont you go out and buy a christmas tree.ha ha

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