Teaser of the Halo 3 TV Ad

Since it is about Halo 3 nothing can surprise Gamersyde anymore. So here comes a teaser video for... a TV ad.

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FreeMonk3817d ago

I liked it! Remember it's only a tease, plus I'm guessing showing a display from the battlefield shows how epic these battles are going to be in Halo 3.

Why haven't they made the movie yet!!??

You have to hand it to MS and Bungie, they know how to promoted a new title, whereas Sony have failed miserably with there 'This is Living' commercials which make no sense!

Saint Sony3817d ago

Great :). There is nothing cheesy in it. Builds up the mood nicely :)

iceice1233817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Thought it was going to be done in the engine. At least then it would be interesting.

Moac3817d ago

i really want to see the new ad on 14 sep. =). HALO 3 truly is bigger then any other game EVER. And it has potential of being something more then a game. Maybe a Movie serie like Starwars,

beavis4play3817d ago

really,really, really, reeeeeeeeealy cheeesy. why not use in game combat footage?

Hatchetforce3817d ago

Because the guy was in a museum looking at a small model of the battlefield.

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The story is too old to be commented.