TGS 07: The Last Remnant screenshots

The TGS 2007 train is catching up steam!

For The Last Remnant, Microsoft has just given out the press kit, with some screenshots.

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resistance1003873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Can't wait to get this along with Star Ocean 4, Final Fantasy 13, enternal Sonata, Final fantasy vs 13, white knight story, Disegea 3 etc on Ps3 ^_^


Bebedora3873d ago

Veeeery nice wrap up there. Mmmmm....JRPGsss *drool*

PS360WII3873d ago

I'm looking forward to this game. Just wish a date would come out for it

Farsendor13873d ago

love all the rpg that micro is bringing out but we probably wont get to see these for a while to come :( but other games to buy this year

halo 3 xbox 360 halo is halo awesome console shooter cant miss out on that one

smackdown 08 xbox 360/ps3 but deff 360 buy love listening to my own music while playing wrestling games.

that drake game for ps3 love action games tomb raider is awesome and think this should be awesome.

ut3 360/ps3/pc pc buy the other unreal games have been awesome and cant wait for this one.

gt5 a great franchise no matter how this one fares i have always like gt5 so this is another game cant wait for

ps3 home not really a game just something im looking forward to

naruto rise of ninja for 360 anime games dont usually turn out to great but this one just looks awesome and naruto is like the new dbz not as big but still cool to watch.

just an awesome year get bioshock heavenly sword warhawk mass effect wow linch king announced that was awesome.

Antan3873d ago

Next year for rpg`s is going to be fantastic!! No other genre where you really get your moneys worth as far as single player goes!!

Crazy Larry3873d ago

But this game doesn't come close to Lost Odyssey (yet). Of course it still has loads of time to polish...and I'm sure will great come release. But Lost Odyssey is MIND BLOWING!!!

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