Kinect vs PlayStation Eye RGB video quality comparison

"YooStar 2 is the 1st game that I seen where we can get a direct comparison of the 2 RGB cameras & from the IGN videos Kinect's RGB camera is looking a little washed out compared to the PlayStation Eye, I'm not sure if it's the game or if PlayStation Eye seems to have the better picture quality of the two cameras"

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whateva2548d ago

seeing that it's just coming out at the end of 2010 & how much cameras has advanced over the years. I guess the PS-Eye was ahead of it's time when it come to webcams,

120fps @ 320x240 & 60fps @ 640x480

& it looks really good under good lighting for a $30 webcam that came out over 3 years ago.

mrv3212548d ago

Kinect doesn't use the RGB camera for games so it wasn't needed for it to be of higher quality.

jack who2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

you cant reason with ppl on this site they just like comparing thing and dont care if there meant too work the same way.

kinect doesnt need a higher quality camera cause thats not wat it uses "alone" to track your movement

Galvanise_2547d ago

It uses the RGB for Dance Central as all Kinect does there is silhouette tracking. The Eye can do that and Harmonix used the same technique on their PS2 Eyetoy games.

It doesn't use the depth camera while you dance.

GWAVE2547d ago

Even though the software lineup for Kinect is (in my opinion) terrible, people shouldn't downplay Kinect's abilities. I've used the Eye with and without Move, and yeah, it's great. However, Kinect ain't shabby. Just because on paper it is 5.5% less this or that than the Eye doesn't really mean anything. It's the software that counts.

cliffbo2547d ago Show
livinwitbias2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

@Galvanise_ - once again someone talking sh!t and don't know what they are talking about.

If half the people on this site were as smart as they think they are they would be somewhere spending the money they have made doing work rather than trying to explain technology that they really haven't a damn clue about.

@Whateva.....WHATEVA! I mean seriously if the PS3 was so great at picking things up, why do you need to have a glowing ball at the end of Move? I don't know the answer, but since there are so many rocket scientist on N4G perhaps someone can shed some light on the situation. (no pun intended)

Galvanise_ perhaps you can take this one, you seem to be a know-it-all.

@Bigpappy, Whateva already knew the specs, he's just being a troll because he's an advanced troll. But, you've been on N4G long enough to know that's it's pretty much pointless to even argue your point. No one has sensible debates around anymore, and if one did start, the fanboys would simply SPAM the hell out of it.

@Cliffbo, once again you don't own kinect nor have you used one. If you did, you would know that it doesn't require a well lit room. As a matter of fact, one of the first things the on screen instructions tell you is to close the blind to reduce bright light and glare. I have actually played kinect in the dark. Get one, evaluate it and return with a sensible argument and stop quoting BS you read on the internet.

Theonik2547d ago

But it was also built for chat in mind and ignoring the possibility of augmented reality games seems rather silly when you price your peripheral at $150 and it's a feature your competitors have been offering for years. Hopefully the issue is just in the compression though and will be resolved.

oohWii2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


Blah Blah Blah, yet another talking head mockingbird set to the repeat position. boring.

rroded2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

quality and ms are like americans and honest politics XD

seriously just like the 360; kinects a pos they overhyped

HappyGaming2547d ago

In todays debate... which is better a fork or a chair?

Koolno2547d ago

"WHATEVA! I mean seriously if the PS3 was so great at picking things up, why do you need to have a glowing ball at the end of Move? "

For perfect accuracy, even in the dark, with hardcore games...gamers know.

Vaud-Villian2547d ago

Wheres the article comparing which is a darker and truer shade of black plastic, or which has the longer cord? or which uses less power?

Can't just stop at one useless comparison, come on!

oohWii2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Yeah fool, but what about that same perfect accuracy in very well lit areas. Oops! Probably have read that one huh?

Another know it all just as he said.

shadyiswin2547d ago

kinect works perfectly in the dark,it uses the IR sensor to work at night,it cant recognize your face in the dark but that doesn't matter seeing as you can just sign in like normal,but kinect works fine in perfect dark.

RedDragan2547d ago

Gentlemen, gentlemen, GENTLEMEN!!! Let's just get straight to the point and stop bickering about things that are not important, because nobody cares about your reasons for this or that!

So bearing that in mind, which camera gives the best quality picture? We only care for one word answers here!

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Bigpappy2547d ago

Come on "whateva", we all know you knew that PS-eye has a higher resolution camera. Kinect is not built around RGB and hardly even needs light to work. I must say that was a weak attemp at gloating.

Apocalypse Shadow2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

i think the point of all of this...

is that kinect does some things better.and PSeye does some things better.

kinect may do full body tracking because of a depth sensor.looks cool without you having to hold something.but lacks control options and speed.also lacks CURRENT 3D capability because of 360's lack of hdmi 1.3.

PSeye lacks a depth sensor but can be tracked by controllers in each hand that give more control options and accuracy in games.also allows deeper immersion in 3D because of hdmi 1.3 and has shown that the upper body can be tracked for avatars..

but voice control,head tracking,hand gesture,etc.,are all pretty much the same.because kinect's GAMES haven't really shown that much depth development seems to be the only difference.

so,whateva isn't gloating.just saying that for something that is supposed to change gaming and kill the controller,kinect sure doesn't seem all that NEXT GEN over something released 4 years ago.

Bigpappy2547d ago

@Apocalypse: Man, some of you PS3 guys are nervous as heck. Why do you believe it is neccesary to read off all the PS3 specs to me. I am very aware of the specs, thank you.

I am sure whateva knows exactly what I said is true, and is probably reading your response and laughting his A$$ off. He was avoiding the stupid fanboy rant you decides to pick up and run with. You really are investing too much time into hating kinect.

Apocalypse Shadow2547d ago

if you believe i'm somehow nervous,you're kidding yourself.all i have seen is people like you go from liking and hyping games like halo,gears and alan wake...

to supporting and liking dancing games and getting licked by virtual cats.making excuses about your kids liking it or girlfriend likes games like fatal frame,silent hill and DMC.besides casual games like DDR.

instead of 360,you guys have done a 180 because you got nothing to has no long list of studios,spends millions marketing but not using that on game engines or games.

WHO should be more nervous?people like you that are getting less and paying more for it?changing your view on core games because microsoft says kinect is core?

or gamers like me that support a company making games for gamers?spending money making games than on hype,and has a LONG list of developers and games coming from those developers?

would i be nervous as a GAMER on lack of ACCURACY? or happy because i get ACCURACY from an inexpensive camera that does almost all the expensive one does?and has developers that know the limits of that expensive camera over gamers like YOU....

DaTruth2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

He thinks you're nervous because he thinks you care about sales more than games like him!

I would be nervous if my console of choice that I invested money in was going casual, but I don't have to worry about that because I have like 10 core exclusives alone coming next year. And 360 selling more wouldn't change that either; Sony makes 2 sequels to games that don't sell just because whatever gamers bought it gave them positive feedback. It almost seems like Sony execs make games for themselves to play and don't care whether they sell or not, they just want to play great games themselves!

But whatever helps him sleep at night!

Silly gameAr2547d ago

Well said A. Shadow.

Bigpappy is obviously a huge supporter of Kinect, but for all the wrong reasons. He's one of those types that think it's the next big thing because someone told him it was and anyone who disagrees, is a "nervous" fanboy.

Shadows right. If anyone should be nervous, it's people like you that bought into the hype. Just another hardcore gamer that's gone pop.

strickers2547d ago

I love the fact that Bigpanties keeps ignoring facts to peddle his fanboy nonsense.I expect Kinect to perfom better in lower light though,it has a CMOS sensor.That is not covered in this article.
Kinect is a poor idea,the execution is about as good as it can be right now.The problem lies in controllerless gaming.
Say it was 100% accurate,more than Move(not likely but for arguments sake)it still has the same problems.........What do you play with it,it has no feedback and humans are tool users,we like to hold things.
It may sell better but many inferior things sell.It will never match Move for technical game quality.MS may but some exclusives that are good but most bar fitness/dancing will be better on Move,especially for proper gamers.

whateva2547d ago

@ Bigpappy The RGB camera in Kinect is 640x480 the same as PS-Eye just a lower frame rate & I thought it would have a better lens being that it's newer, & what do I have to gloat about I love Kinect & PlayStation Eye / Move I like camera tech & like to see it advance & I'm waiting to see all the cool things that the devs can do with kinect's depth camera tech.

TheDynamo2547d ago

Let's all remember:
Motion Control SUCKED. Until Move was released.
XBOX360 was the "Shooter Box". Until PS3 got more shooters than XBOX360.
Acheivements were a waste of time. Until Trophies.
No one should pay for Gaming. Until Playstation Plus.
Sales don't matter. Until GT5 sold millions (allegedly).

PS3 Fans are the HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY. And they hate that they were WRONG about Kinect. It's an amazing system. Not to mention, it's KILLING the Move and leaving Playstation Fans with egg on their faces.

So next year, it's FINALLY supposed to be "The Year of the PS3". Right? After...


If you'll excuse the XBOX360 Fanbase, we'll leave you with your THIRD PLACE opinions and get back to gaming and having fun. Online too.

I'd invite you, but you don't have a headset. :-)

Merry Christmas.

DatNJDom812547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Wow bigpappy. Get that m$ c**K out ur mouth. Seriously bra, I think the continuous up and down motion has given u some serious brain damage. Your always defending m$. In your eyes, they never f***ed anyone over and do everything right. I prefer Sony over m$ any day of the week but even I realize when Sony messes up. You just find a way to always spin things. Are u a m$ employee/investor?

Dynamo just keep playing ur kinect games and ur exclusive. Also once bigpappy is done slobbering u can go ahead and join the party. Wear your headset and bring 60 bucks. Merry Christmas.

shadyiswin2547d ago

TheDynamo <3

i love how so many people are talking about kinect was a bad idea as if this thing is not on pace to beat the 5 million by a few thousand,even i was shocked when they said 5 mill and it would of been more if they could keep them in stock. With these sales will come games and innovation so please stop acting like kinect is dead on arrival it has the most momentum of any for of entertainment including anything from apple,so wait till there games are all being marked down half off a la Move be we start jumping to the failure of kinect,which at 5 million sales in 2 months is hardly a failure....

candystop2547d ago

LMAO...Good stuff TheDynamo! I swear these PS3 only guys are annoying and trying way to hard.

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ct032547d ago

Yes, Dance Central uses silhouette tracking. But the silhouette is extracted from the depth data.

Turn off the lights in your room, and the game will still work.

kinf-of-zon2547d ago

@ thedynamo
Don't act like the 360 community didn't hate on motion gaming,not every ps3 and 360 fan dislike motion gaming and you can't equate one person to everybody sense we all have different views, as for being a "shorter box"you didn't explain what that suppose to mean.I don't know to much on the two reward system to comment,ps plus is optional not forced and the reason they bring up sales regarding GT5 is because SOME 360 fans bring it up.

candystop2547d ago


yeah and the reason 360 fans bring it up is because thats all PS fans use to brag about even though Xbox was the better device.

"as for being a "shorter box"you didn't explain what that suppose to mean"

Where have you been? PS fans would always call out Xbox for having nothing but shooters because all the best shooters were on it. Now PS3 has more shooters and you dont see them complaining anymore.

"ps plus is optional not forced"

Xboxlive gold is also optional. Nobody ever said you had to buy it. Bluray was forced on people that wanted a PS3 at a more affordable price since you want to talk forced.

BloodyNapkin2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


Yeah xbox live gold is only something you have to pay for if you want to play online.....ROFL. Get foreal son. Having more shooters as in what? Along with all they other great titles like GOW3, LBP, UC, HR, RC and GT5, it is one thing to have nothing but shooters it is another to have shooters and a whole slew of diverse exclusive games to go with it.

And last but not least. Blu-ray was put into the PS3 for pushing the advancement of great tech. Better for games and better for movies, so in turn better for consumer.

candystop2547d ago

Bllody napkin,

The spin has my head hurting.

"Along with all they other great titles like GOW3, LBP, UC, HR, RC and GT5, it is one thing to have nothing but shooters it is another to have shooters and a whole slew of diverse exclusive games to go with it."

Gears, Alan Wake, Forza, Fable, Limbo, arcade, Kinect games, and indie are way more diverse then all of your sequels lmao.

"And last but not least. Blu-ray was put into the PS3 for pushing the advancement of great tech. Better for games and better for movies, so in turn better for consumer."

Advanced what? Get off that Bluray makes a difference BS already. Also who cares if you pay for Live just so long as you get a better experience then you do on PSn or Wii whatever its called. Grow up and quit defending SOny Hiphop napkin lol.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2547d ago

i thought the same but the quality of kinect its ....crappy in for the price :l.....btw i lold when king kong killed that chick xD

Vherostar2547d ago

I am not one for sticking up for Kinect but who cares about this there?? Most people will buy Kinect for there involvement in games and if you seen the games unlike Eye Toy play you do'nt see yourself in game so cam quality isn't an issue here. It's probably why there are no games you see yourself in but really who cares as long as you have fun playing it?? Though I do want more cam chats in game we just dont get enough games anymore that allow you to see your opponents via cam when you blow em to bits. Seriously thougyh if you want a cam with decent video quality get an xbox vision camera its around the same as PS eye I heard.. You can pick them up now for like £10 ($14)

ImmortalLegend2547d ago

The funny thing is that you guys argue on this site all day about stuff like this and most consumers don't even give a crap so it's pointless. You guys are arguing for absolutely nothing.

ngecenk2547d ago


no you wrong, ps eye simply dont have depth recognition, once the rgb value of your moving body match another rgb color, the detection is messed up. thats why ps eye head tracking in the fight: light out is not that optimal to any condition.

kinect does not depend heavily on the rgb. it only needed to help the infra red to detect any movement. it defines which part of the picture is moving. so it does not have that much rgb power.

Jazz41082547d ago

Sonys great dr could say something positive about ms and you guys would still disagree. Its not if its triue or not it comes down to did it hurt sony and help ms. That kind of mentality is idiotic and irrational and will get you no where in life but a little circle jerk on n4g.

BloodyNapkin2547d ago

I am just curious as to why the used bright colored clothes while testing Kinect but used black to use during playstation eye test. Seems a little odd to me.

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2547d ago
thebudgetgamer2547d ago

as a camera kinect is more impressive than the ps eye tech wise. i wrote before, i'm not sold on kinect as a gaming device (i know others feel differentially and i respect that) i am loving some of the hack that i have seen.

Masterchef20072547d ago

I agree with you on that. But for motion gaming i prefer to have something physical in my hands to interact with the game. And dont mention hybrid kinect games because so far they dont exist.

thebudgetgamer2547d ago

yea, when it comes to gaming applications i would much rather have ps move. i just love the tech of hacking kinect for different purposes.

strickers2547d ago

Totally agree,it's great on the PC with exciting tech demos BUT these are not any use for GAMES and that's what it's supposed to be about.

Masterchef20072547d ago

While the camera is of a higher quality than kinect. Kinect uses infrared technology so it doesnt need a camera of a higher quality since it uses the infrared dots to track.

Ingram2547d ago

Infrared tracking is an exclusive feature, yes, but at a slightly lower fps capture @ less resolution it will have a hard time anyway with subtle head or hand movements, let alone fingers.

I don't know, I guess I'm a fanboy but the PSEYE has a wide array microphone with noise cancelation and depth is tracked with the move controller too.

I might be missing something but apart from hacks running in far superior PC hardware the software shows otherwise too, I think as a conclusion that a higher quality camera for kinect would've been a better idea...

Masterchef20072547d ago

I agree with you that the PSEye provides better image quality and sound quality than kinect. But Kinect as the 3d depth camera and infrared as a unique feature. 2 bad the camera is slow and the image isnt that sharp on it. I have move and you know what game i like best on it? Tumble. Its a game that for the first you can actually reach out and grab something pretty cool tech. I remember in the PS2 days when i received a PS2 demo disk with the eyetoy wand demo. They took that concept with move and they perfected it

jizzyjones2547d ago

Kinect is easy profit for Ms (£130 and £34 to build) nothing more.

allyc4t2547d ago

That 34 doesn't cover RnD or other costs. It's simply what the parts cost.