LocoRoco PS3 out next week

LocoRoco Cocoreccho will arrive as part of Sony's PSN update next Thursday for the bargain price of £1.99.

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DrPirate3935d ago

I don't know how anyone can outright despise a game that is so endearing aurally and visually.

I'm not one to think things are "cute", but damn........Those damn LocoRoco are too damn adorable...

therealwillie3935d ago

agreed, never thought i would be so hooked on the psp game! cant wait for this, hopefully its not too short, but for 1.99 and a pretty cool screensaver i wouldnt mind

mighty_douche3935d ago

BARGIN!! not trying to start a flame war or anything but you know if this was on XBL M$ would want £10 for it easy! nice job sony!!

popup3935d ago

This title has slipped under the radar from early news to release without much in the way of hype and that price is crazy considering.

I hope this is a prelude to something bigger but in the mean time it would be nice for Europe get it at the same time but I doubt that will happen.

therealwillie3935d ago

well its saying us europeans are getting it thursday week so fingers crossed, not even sure if there is an american release date

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