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Submitted by Kors 1799d ago | article

Eight ways to get more from your PS3 UK: Did you know your PlayStation 3 can do so much more than just play the hottest games? Find out everything you need to know to kick-start your PS3 experience. (MUBI, Playstation Eye, PlayStation Home, Playstation Move, PlayTV, PS3, Tag Invalid)

DoomeDx  +   1799d ago
Nothing new here.
Just basic stuff like: Watch movies! Use the Playstation Move! etc etc.

Ofcourse its from the official sony site, so it shouldnt be to advanced, because newcomers must understand it. but still. Not worth submitting to N4G.

(@ the disagrees, im not even trolling here)
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Longrod_Von_Hugendon   1799d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
hakis86  +   1799d ago
8. Get a helping hand

HappyGaming  +   1799d ago
I read Eight Days and thought this was about the game :(

@wesley-dw you don't have to be trolling for people to disagree with you...

Disagree means they don't agree with what you said.
Its doesn't mean they think your trolling.
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Focker420  +   1799d ago
They forgot...
1. internet browser
2. video chat with 5 friends
3. create youtube videos with the video editor
4. Qore

plus a couple of things i can't mention.

edit: oh and if you have windows media player on your pc, you can take all the movies, music, and photos on the pc and wirelessly transfer them onto your PS3 system, and vice versa.
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Panzerkanzler  +   1798d ago
Don't need a PS3 for that, just my girlfriend.
Welshy  +   1798d ago

sigh... im not gonna disagree you but the whole "get a girlfriend", "my girlfriend can do that" nonsense is just annoying.

bare in mind its a gaming site, so if your on here at all, 9/10 of us WONT have one.

just sayin.
OdinFallen  +   1799d ago
Sounds about right, although I don't think pulse is yet worth it.
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yoshiro  +   1799d ago
<<< my face when i read Eight Days.

Too bad I was wrong
DoomeDx  +   1799d ago
Yeah, to bad they cancelled it..seriously wtf
Azianphil88  +   1799d ago
Eight Days not cancel
just on hold same goes to The Getaway
Balt  +   1799d ago
The video service of the PS3 is a joke. They failed to mention if you have more than 1 ps3's (like me) and you have video service enabled on one you can't watch movies with the id on the new system. Stupid!

LEt me not even get started on how Netflix destroyed their ap on Ps3 with that new janky ass layout they got. They took all the movies, suggested 75 of them to you and then take your money for it still. What a joke. Why have it one way, a way that works, a way that is good and offers up accessibility and user preference -- For the stupid ass **** they gave us; without warning mind you.
Koolno  +   1799d ago
You are the joke if you don't know how to do it...

Best video service now, with all the new services (not only netflix and psn video anymore)
Cole_Train  +   1799d ago
You could just download movies and stream them from a free service like Vuze to your PS3. That's what I do and it saves money, time, and very easy to use. Just drag and drop.
OllieBoy  +   1799d ago
Who cares if is this "old"

It's the Holidays and a lot of new PS3 owners will be curious at what it's capable of.
Balt  +   1799d ago
Are you people telling me you all like the new Netflix layout on the Ps3? Are you all insane!!!??? Do you like not having the freedom in your own personal choice? This site is absurd.
enkeixpress  +   1799d ago
Get a PS3Jailbreak! :D

.... No, I am kidding.. DO NOT GET IT! Very bad, Support developers & Sony by buying your PS3 games! Don't be an Asshole!
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Dragonfodder  +   1799d ago
That article sounded like freakin' commercial...

I love my PS3 just as much as anybody else but streaming video on that machine from my laptop works like shite (with mine anyways). Anyone else has that problem? Agree if you do, disagree if you don't.

Maybe I'm just one of those unlucky people. The weird thing is that it works perfectly on my 360 S. :(
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Koolno  +   1799d ago
It works perfectly...use ps3 media server, you can stream all that you want.
Dragonfodder  +   1798d ago
I think I tried the PS3 Media Server at the beginning and I really wasn't happy with the result so I switched to TVersity but it's not any better. Someone mentioned the fact that I might have problems because both my laptop and my PS3 are wireless. If true, it would be really lame...
GrandTheftZamboni  +   1799d ago
PS3 media server worked flawlessly from my Ubuntu PC.So did Media Tomb, but was not easy to set up like PS3 media server. In cases with codecs that PS3 didn't like, the media server would decode it on the fly which could be troublesome when fast forwarding for example. Decoding is CPU intensive especially if you play HD content.
DreamTension  +   1798d ago
It doesn't work so great if you are streaming over wireless, especially if both the ps3 and laptop are wireless.
Dragonfodder  +   1798d ago
It is the case for me. And I'm not using the PS3 Media Server so maybe that's also part of the problem... *shrugs* I use TVersity instead, which I find very user-friendly and very easy to set up.
Hellsvacancy  +   1799d ago
Dragonfodder , Im too stoned and drunk 2 reply to yout commentm right now, ill pm you you you 2tomorrow why i disagfreed
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   1799d ago
He's got a problem streaming video, not streaming alcoholic fumes through a water pipe:)
Mmmkay  +   1798d ago
merry christmas...!
morkendo23  +   1799d ago
do anyone know why netflick take sooooooooooo long to add new movies?? had net flick 30 days now on my 60gb ps3 nothing new yet.
shammgod  +   1799d ago
Here is 4 others: LBP2
2.Buy Mass effect 2 killzone 3 all uncharteds
TheNocturnus   1799d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
oguzsasi  +   1799d ago
I think every PS3 owner
1. Should have plug a usb keyboard to Ps3 for Home or private messaging or chat sessions ingame or browsing while their play with friends. You can even plug a 5 dollar keyboard to it!

2. For home and communication deffinently use a headset. It dosent have to be expensive bluetooth headsets. You can plug your pc headset to ps3 with this quickly. Its only 5 dollars!

A lot of people didnt even know that theres a chat session feature on ps3. I invite them and they ask me how to get inside in to session!

I tell them to go under PLAYERS MET.

I tell them to get a headset.
They tell me I dont wanna buy 50 dollar PS3 headset!

People buy this console and they just put the discs and play. Lot of people dont know anything about its features after 4 years have passed! They dont know about PS3' s capabilities about plug/play allmost every usb headset or bluetooth headset.
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BackDoorMoi  +   1798d ago
New PS3 owner here. what can i do with my ps3?
Recently i gifted myself a brand new ps3 bundle with two crappy games, any subjection of what games to get will be appreciate. I'm a PC gamer and honesty i don't know if i bought this to be a Blue ray player.
Mmmkay  +   1798d ago
buy some of the good games then:

uncharted 2
gran turismo 5 with a steering wheel
heavy rain
Focker420  +   1798d ago
God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. Buy them!!!!
eggbert  +   1798d ago
if you're a PC gamer, don't bother getting FPS games THAT PLAY WITH ANALOG STICKS. the inaccuracy of the sticks will frustrate you to no end.

Unless of course you play with low mouse sensitivity, I usually play with highest sensitivity on games so whenever I play console games using a pad it takes me a bit to re-adjust to the slower aiming reticule.

Some must haves for the PS3 are

Uncharted series
Killzone 3 (might wanna get KZ2, but KZ3 comes out in Feb)
Demons Souls
God of War 3
Valkyria Chronicles

Those are my favorite games on the system so far.
xstation79  +   1798d ago
"Eight ways to get more from your ps3" Thats funny because thats exactly how many times a year my ps3 gets turn on. Blu-ray movies and a couple of exclusives that interest me a year and thats it.
Darth_Bane79  +   1796d ago
This is just for you Troll: http://www.irvinehousingblo...
cliffbo  +   1798d ago
what makes me laugh is how fickle the 360 fanbase is. it wasn't long ago that they went on and on about how the 360 was the best all round media machine, but now the PS3 has eclipsed the 360 in that area (it actual easily equalled it back then), these services are not required for the fanbase to prove 360 is better. even MS has stopped talking about it.

it's almost as if MS just say something random knowing full well that their sheep will bleat it until it's necessary for MS to change the goal posts. now it's the Kinect and Sony have craftily taken that time to build an incredible multi media advantage and hardcore portfolio for next year... was that Sony's plan? if it wasn't, it's working perfectly anyway
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conswella  +   1798d ago
Hack the fuck out of it.
Welshy  +   1798d ago
Meh, I've had my phat 60gb (now 500gb lol) since launch and knew all this

It is boxing day though so there's some great tips in there for new owners.

Hooking it up to your laptop throughout the media server is good aswell for streaming all your music and videos :)
xtremegamerage  +   1798d ago
Got the PS3 MOVE+Nav+Theshoot and a few others.

Awesome bit of kit, runs very well, tracks great and is very nice to use.

Seriously if you have or not have a PS3, it's well worth picking up.

Alot of good fun for the whole family.
Welshy  +   1798d ago
ShopTo were kind enough to ship my Move 2 days early :) and yeh its fantastic, for £27 its an absoloute steal.

i loved the Shoot demo but when i saw 3 Time Crisis games on one disc for thirty quid i had to have it.

if you loved the shoot and have a nav controller you need to get ur mits on TC :D

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