Google lables as "malware"

After being accused of faked sales data and being laughed at for adding an auto increasing counter to "track" console sales is now classified as dangerous for your Computer by google. When clicking on the search result URL that would bring you to you will be rerouted to a warning page that forces you to enter the URL by hand if you dare to enter the dangerous page.

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Rooftrellen3937d ago

I've known this for a while. Every time someone posts a link to it for the "real" (360 slanted) numbers, I always reply saying I don't trust numbers from a malware site.

After I found out, I found 5 trojans on my computer, and its a small list of sites I go to.

Since I stopped going there, no problems.

Kleptic3937d ago

I never went to that site...I hear about it...but would alwasy forget...

who was it in favor of?...I would read stuff on here like "360 sales pulled back by over 2 million on because of shady shipped/sold numbers from MS"...or something...that was towards the end of last fiscal...

or where numbers wrong for all the consoles?

Crazyglues3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

The reason I suspected them is because they would always send you an email when you haven't gone to the site in awhile saying "we notice you have not been to in awhile and we miss you and would like you to come back" - I would be like what the hell.

But they never got me because I'm a computer guy so I stay with virus protection running 24/7 and spyware blocker... (feel sorry for people who went there with no protection)

ReBurn3937d ago

It's most likely the advertising on the site that's causing it to get flagged, not the site itself. But even if that's the case the site owner needs to find malware-free advertising.

XxZxX3937d ago

but he should made alot of money by advertising

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