Yakuza 3 Scans

Here are some Yakuza 3 scans. The scans indicate how epic this game will be. Be prepared for a fantastic atmosphere. Credit to Darji from ps3forums.

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resistance1003908d ago

Looks great ^_^. Just a shame i will most likey have to import this like i did with Yakzua 2 (which btw was far better than the first one)

Bebedora3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Why do japanese devhouses do these things? Not the first time they shuts out other countries to play some great games you just want to have. D*mnation!

CrazzyMan3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

well, i am impressed, very nice graphics. =)

rukusa3908d ago

Dude change the friggin article picture. Its totally not related to the series.

Other than that... *ahem*... OH MY FVCKING GOD THIS SO AWESOME!


mighty_douche3908d ago

look like a kick ass version of SHENMUE?? im sure if there is enough demand they will release it in other countries! fingers crossed!

rukusa3908d ago

Dude its fvcking great, completely underrated game.

Buy it if you see it. Its worth it, and its probably cheap.

resistance1003908d ago

the problem is Yakuza 1 sold crap outside of japan (where it sold by the bucket load), so it looks like they won't bother releasing Yakuza 2 over here. (i imported it anyway). Still good thing Ps3 is region free so even if it stays in japan ps3 owners can still buy it ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.