Exclusive: iPhone Free Software Unlock Released

The free iPhone unlock --the only one that counts-- has been finally achieved by the iPhone Dev Team and it has been independently tested. Everyone can now unlock their iPhones for free.

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confusion3723d ago

so can an unlocked iphone use any provider, or does it need to be one that uses a SIM chip? basically, im wondering if an unlocked iphone will work with sprint (which doesnt use SIMs).

Feihc Retsam3723d ago

Since the iPhone reads your account information from a SIM card, the only way you will be able to import a cellular service account over to the iPhone would be by physically transferring a SIM card.

Anyhow... If you thought 1M iPhones sold was a big deal... watch the sales climb once this goes mainstream.

Sure, Apple will "ACT" upset... But they'll be getting too much money to REALLY care.