First Look at Apocalypse: Desire Next for Xbox 360

At its pre-TGS press event in Japan today, Microsoft revealed first images of the upcoming Xbox 360 strategy RPG Apocalypse: Desire Next. From Idea Factory, developers of all sorts of RPGs in Japan that almost never get brought over to the U.S., don't necessarily count on this one ever reaching the states -- but it's likely to be a solid addition to the Xbox 360 RPG library in Japan.

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Xwow3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

this game looks good,i want it to come for ps3 too(iam a huge rpg fan)

rev203904d ago

i could run that game on sega mega drive emulator lol

Depressed Mode3904d ago

This game looks awesome, it's too bad that it will most likely not be released in the US.

deadpreacher3903d ago

That kind of sucks, i like these kind of games!