Xbox Live accounts under attack by Email phishers

E-mail phishers are now targeting Xbox Live accounts. Some people who have an Xbox Live Account have been receiving Emails with a link in it taking you to a supposed Microsoft passport login page, but be warned as this is a phishing site, which has one thing in mind and that is to capture all your login information.

However the problem is much deeper than that, because if you have a Microsoft Passport account then the phishers will be able to get into more of your personal details. Users in both the U.S and the U.K have reported seeing these emails.

If you get an email that reads:
"Dear Xbox Live User,
We have made many changes to everyone's Xbox Live account, and we would like you to check out the new features! You can check out the new features by click on the link below to login and check them out!
Please check out your new features to your Xbox Live account!

Please delete it immediately, if for some reason you did click on the link, then you will need to change your password right away.

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arcadegoal3726d ago

Fix it microsoft or ill sue your ass

The BS Police3726d ago

Thats what people need to realise, you cannot stop Spam.

FordGTGuy3726d ago

Its not a Microsoft Product.

WilliamRLBaker3726d ago

I've not received any such email...and my email filters phising stuff...
IE and Firefox both have phising filters...built im not worried if u set up ur stuff and ur not a retard then ur safe.