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12 Classic Games You Should Play on Christmas

SegmentNext - "Merry Christmas - and if you were planning on reliving the classic video games on Christmas, you should give these games a try". (Gears of War, Half-Life 2, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PC, Project Gotham Racing 4, PS3, Red Dead Redemption, Team Fortress 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Wii, Xbox 360)

MAG_SVER  +   1342d ago
Nice list but 12 games in 1 day. I don't know about you guys but I have family to spend some of that quality time with on that day. That doesn't mean gaming is out but DAMN 12 games on 1 day, HELL NO.. maybe 2 out of the list I will play for sure.
TheLastGuardian  +   1342d ago
Nice list. Those are my top 3 PS3 games.
Commander_TK  +   1342d ago
How about socializing with your family and friends? Get off your ass.
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kramun  +   1342d ago
I don't think it means play all of them in a day. In fact, I know it doesn't mean that.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1341d ago
"Tony Hawk: Ride"

.....is this guy serious?
Cevapi88  +   1341d ago
genuine lol moment

thank you for that
Downtown boogey  +   1342d ago
Snatcher  +   1342d ago
I have played one of those games today. Guess which one of them...TEAM FORTRESS 2!!!!
WiIIiam  +   1342d ago
Ninja Gaiden II is not a classic. It's got one of the best combat engines wrapped up in some of the worst game design I've seen this gen. It broke my heart. The rest of the games on this list are great though!
Snatcher  +   1342d ago
Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox is really good though, hard, but good :D
WiIIiam  +   1342d ago
Ninja Gaiden for Xbox and the Sigma remake for PS3 are my favorite hack and slash action games. Bayonetta is the only other one that comes close. I cannot wait to see what Bayonneta 2 holds in store for action gamers.
WeSeePC  +   1342d ago
CS 1.6 playin it!,Snake eater,Call of Duty 4,BF2,Diablo,Mass Effect 1/2 HL:ep2!!

not to many games have a legendy impact this gen :( mabe WOW catclyhasimssm however you spell it!! not my thing though!! But this time next year this better be on the list!!

Guild wars 2
Diablo 3
The Witcher 2
Red Orchestra 2 (basically a shooting sim)
battlefeild 3 I hope
Mass Effect 3 oh hell yeah!!
Crysis 2 PC!!
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Snatcher  +   1342d ago
Diablo 3, that's going to be a epic game. Mass Effect 3 also.
WeSeePC  +   1342d ago
I 1,000,000% agree with you!!
Dark-Cloud4  +   1342d ago
uncharted 2
gta iv
god of war 3
tekken 6
killzone 2
splinter cell c...... don't know that name XD
gears 1
resident evil 5 with ps move
heavy rain with move
red dead
demon soul
and alots of games .... but we don't have chirstmas so i don't care , it's a list for you if you don't have a family , if you have a family play with them and go out with them .. have fun :) .....
Dark-Cloud4  +   1342d ago
why disagree ?.. bad list ?.. these games are the best games out now so... what's wrong ? ..
Arup02  +   1342d ago
Dark-Cloud  +   1342d ago
maybe because i said we don't have christmas , we don't have christmas doesn't mean we are wrong , get real guys , im giving you an advice and you disagree because we don't have christmas ?..

if you disagree for something else then tell me ... i said that because i can't find something else you would disagree of , the list is great ( maybe only me but i loved these games ) ...
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Nugan  +   1342d ago
I assumed this was going to be a list of games from previous generations.

Have we reached the point where we can relive games from this generation already?

I know "classic" can simply mean "high quality," but the blurb for the article made it sound like the article would be about legendary old games to experience again for Christmas nostalgia.
Dark-Cloud  +   1342d ago
these are the best games out so they have to put them , there are no new games in christmas so we have to buy the games that released befor christmas ... i already put a list , i hope you people like it :) best games i ever played :D .. and i hope you people have fun too :)
WeSeePC  +   1342d ago
@ Dark-Cloud & Dark-Cloud4
2 accounts or long lost brothers??
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Dark-Cloud4  +   1341d ago
i only have 2 bubbles in the other account so i created another one :) ...

i agree , i loved the first one but i didn't like the second one , i hope they make the gameplay simple next time , and more challenging ..
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StitchJones  +   1342d ago
Ninja Gaiden 2 was not a good game, replace it with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.
Relientk77  +   1341d ago
They listed Tony Hawk: Ride lol
Hozi89  +   1341d ago
lol...I was seriously gonna say "why the fuck are you playing so many games on Christmas? Don't you have a family or friends to chill with doing something more christmasy?"
GeneGodHand  +   1341d ago
Now im playing Motorstorm.
bacrec1  +   1341d ago
Castle Crashers

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