Online Game Frauds and How to Dodge Them

With so many people playing online, malicious users can only think of how to take advantage of their numbers and scam a few. They have three basic tactics to steal user accounts, all revolving around the financial profit, of course. Just go on eBay and look for a World of Warcraft account – you'll find out that you can purchase quite a few online. Of course, all accounts have high level and well equipped characters on them. So that's what the hackers will do – steal your account and then sell it to someone else.

One way they can do this is through social engineering. They will either ask for your password, pretending to be an admin or for them to give you a boost in the game. Some users fall for this, even though when they install the game they are warned that no admin or game master will ever ask for their password. As for the boons – well, some people pay malicious users real money to get in-game boosts. Of course, they would also need to supply the booster with the password. Most of the time they get nothing, and have their accounts stolen.

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Mike Ox Big3877d ago

I hate to say it but if your dumb enough to fall for this stuff, you deserve it.