Microsoft continues Japanese 360 push in face of poor sales

Microsoft has once again assembled an impressive collection of Japanese gaming luminaries to continue its push of the Xbox 360 in Japan. The Xbox 360 has suffered from poor sales in the region, with the local charts dominated by Nintendo DS and Wii software, as well as titles for the PlayStation 2.

As well as boxed games, Microsoft is also lining up a number of Xbox Live Arcade titles from some of Japan's best-loved development studios.

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rev203724d ago

This is all great that there trying to get people over to the 360 and trying really hard gearing games just towards the japanese.

But do they not understand sony just have to mention Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter and its all forgotten.

Ms have done fine without japan and should spend more time acquiring more control over the places they are already doing well in.

WIIIS13724d ago

I disagree. The time to strike in Japan is now. Sony is at its weakest even in their homeground because Nintendo is completely dominating them. If there is ever a chance to gain any foothold in Japan to win over the high-end gaming fans, it is now. Microsoft is right to persevere.

rev203724d ago

but atm they are just pushing to fail they have had two years to gain the advantage on sony, they obviously realize due to the cheapness of the wii, there is another space for a console in peoples homes which will either be the ps3 or 360.

By the looks of things atm that is goin to be the ps3 until microsoft can get their hands on mgs4 final fantasy or a game of that caliber on their system and the key part it wont be available on the playstation, then their just set to fail

WIIIS13724d ago

I am not saying they stand any chance to overtake Sony in Japan, but they at least can make their presence felt, take that little bit away from Sony, and that would be enough for now.

joydestroy3724d ago

i think M$ is attempting to make the right moves in trying to get their product in more Japanese homes.

there's not much they can do. they hate M$, period.

Fighter3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I would like the 360 to do somewhat well in Japan because intense competition between consoles will force them to make better games for us.

For sure Ninja Gaiden 2 will be a huge success in North America but, in my opinion, if Ninja Gaiden 2 fails in Japan then I pretty much doubt that the 360 will ever see any success in that country.

Korosuke3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I think that MS had better spend money the other regions instead of wasting money in Japan market.
Ordinary people in Japan think Xbox or Xbox360 as only hentai anime gaming console like "beach volly ball" or "idol master"(I don't know exact names...), Not hard core gaming console.
And the news jumping into about xbox is the defect thing only.
Hentai anime gaming console and the defect, so ordinary people do not have good images toward xbox at all or prabably do not know even existance.

Zhuk3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I think the 360 has all the recipes for success in Japan, except that the Japanese seem culturally negative towards a foreign console which is most interesting in my opinion.

At least one benefit is that the games that MS does make for the Japanese market chances are they'll sell well overseas, so this does create incentive for both MS and third party publishers to put titles on the console which is sorely needed if they are to turn things around at all and repeat their successes overseas in Japan.

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