Nerds on the Rocks: Top 3 Disappointments of 2010

Being a disappointment is a very subjective field, it doesn't necessarily mean a game is bad but that the expectations/hype far surpassed the final game. Nerds on the Rocks picks its top 3

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alojuanjo2494d ago

Red Dead Redemption? LOL

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games of 2010.

longcat2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

To be honest, after playing a lot of western games, i'm kinda disappointed as well.

I just never connected with John Marston like i did with Niko Bellic in GTA4.

The world is gorgeous but the story doesn't interest me.
But it still will never make my top 3 - someone is trolling for hits - another day on the internets i guess

Kran2493d ago

But but but. How can you hate RDR?

Thats what some people do. They compare it to other games made by the same company. That just makes your result inconclusive :/

Craptain_Steel2493d ago

I don't hate it, but they could've added more missions instead of seeing how many cactuses they could put in.

DasTier2493d ago

lol ironic, niko belic was a cunt

showtimefolks2493d ago

RDR is what GTA4 should have been FUN.

GTA4 went all serious on us while taking all the fun elemets out of the game and some dlc's later improved but not to a point of last gen's GTA

i really really hope RS make hd remakes for gta3,vc and SA

even at 60 i will but it come on RS make it happen

Deleting2493d ago

Niko Bellic had no character and not someone you could begin to like...

If you said you liked Tommy vercetti or Carl Johnson then fair enough good argument but Niko Bellic was weak compared to John Marston

AnonUser55552493d ago

"I just never connected with John Marston like i did with Niko Bellic in GTA4."

Did we play different games? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. And this article is absurd. RDR was an excellent game. Period.

And 007: Bloodstone? Doesn't a game need to have EXPECTATIONS before it can be a DISAPPOINTMENT? Who in their right minds was excited about this game?

I'm sorry I even clicked the link and gave these idiots another site hit.

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Rich16312493d ago

Red Dead was great the only thing I didn't like as breaking horses and herding cattle...flat out long, boring and annoying.

egidem2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )


I know it must be shocking to some people to see Red Dead Redemption appear on ANY "disappointment" list. Personally I love the game to is my favorite game of 2010 but you have to understand that people have different opinions and tastes. Some just hate the overall western theme that the game incorporates...If they don't like the game, fine then; their wishes, we just have to respect that.

fossilfern2493d ago

I have to agree with this list. I was very disappointed in red dead and I didnt get caught in the hype either so this list is right IMO

jamboza2493d ago

so are u saying u did not buy red dead since u say u "did not get caught" in the so called hype, cuz to me it sounds like u did

fossilfern2493d ago

no I bought the game because I got it recommended to me and I didnt think it was GOTY IMO

SephireX2493d ago

I love both GTA IV and RDR and I think RDR deserves GOTY and instead of being a disappointment, it exceeded expectations by miles. Thus, I disagree with this article.

egidem2493d ago

Actually RDR already has 2 GOTYs from Gamespot, one from the Xbox 360 side and the other from the PS3 side.

EVILDEAD3602493d ago

Silly list..

James Bond is number one? Who ACTUALLY is going to pretend that they had such high hopes for that game that it became a disappointment when they bought it?

LOL @ Red Dead Redemption..


Blaze9292493d ago

Red Dead Redepmption got old and repetitive kind of fast. Only real thing that stuck to me throughout the entire game honestly was only the ending. Everything else was meh and the multiplayer sucked ass.

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yog-sothot2493d ago

RdR is probably the game that will gather the most "GOTY awards" in 2010 (even more so than other great games such as Mass effect 2 or SMG2)... I guess some unknown website desperately needed a few hits

swat2493d ago

how the hell RDR is Disappointments, oh god these site must ban in N4G

Lirky2493d ago

im in rdr right now its amazing, especially the music inthe background while your riding your horsey.

Lirky2493d ago

plus the relaxing open-ended sandbox feel roaming around setting campfires while your afk doing other things with ennio morricone music blasting in the background (since single-player supports custom tracks).

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