Loss of Innocence

As gamers grow older games can lose a little bit of mystique. So says Edge columnist Mr. Biffo, who's all nostalgic about videogames of old and a time when the industry was more innocent. He describes: "On occasion, being a gamer has felt a bit like that sequence in The Time Machine, where the guy is strapped into his seat, and watches the dress shop window opposite his house."

"One of the saddest aspects of growing old as a gamer is that the games lose a certain degree of mystique. When I was younger it felt as if games were a window on to elsewhere, that they'd been punted into our universe from some other dimension. The people behind them were alchemists – weird geniuses with their brains wired into some elemental, unexplainable form of inspiration. Of course, thanks to the retrogaming boom of the last few years we all now know that Matthew Smith and The Oliver Twins et al weren't sorcerers at all – just computer boffin-y blokes who had watched far too much Monty Python."

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hanstolo3935d ago

I always like when "older" gamers like me get sentimental about the games they used to play when they where younger.
I fully agree with him.

Mecha1053934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Being only 16, I have experienced many classics from the 80's and 90's. They range from NES to DOS games and even arcade games. When I finally got the chance to play them again recently, I (like you said before) felt sentimental about them. Ahhhh, so much nostalgia.

Mecha1053934d ago

It makes you think of the kids of this era who are just so inclined about graphics and power. You realize that these kids never got a chance to play the classics mostly because they're too stubborn to even try it because it's "old".

ChickeyCantor3934d ago

me and my brother talk allot bout this and we think its a shame allot of younger gamers dont even know say......double dragon 2 is......while this was a really good game >_>
these days its all about POWERRRRRRRRRRRR.

3934d ago
ChickeyCantor3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

ofcourse its always been about power but because of this now, allot of games of the past wont be acknowledged.
When was the last time a kid said: double dragon 2 for the nes looks FUN, and not : omg last gen gfx i rather hang my self.

edit: i mean power as in its always been an important element with gamers.
but these days i couldnt care because power is taking over the Fun factor( not saying you cant have fun with the consoles of these days but im talking about the gamers)

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Gorgon3934d ago

My feelings exactely. I've been playing since the ZX Spectrum/ Commodore Amiga/Atari ST times, so its a lot of time. Games like Halo, Ninja Gaiden and other things completely fail to grab my attention. And most of the times stuff like Stalker and Bioshock end up beying a little disappointing too. Getting old and more demanding sucks...

ChickeyCantor3934d ago

" Games like Halo, Ninja Gaiden and other things completely fail to grab my attention"

not with those games with me but i can completely understand what you mean... i have the same problem with allot of games these days and go back to oldschool games..and have hours of fun.

3934d ago
ChickeyCantor3934d ago

PS1? because you are talking ps2/ps1 games >_<
crash bandicoot and panzer bandit.rival school...and some more.
but i was thinking way more back snes/sega era
super probotector/contra, ninja gaiden trilogy,Zelda 3, Metroid 3....and lots lots more XD
yesterday i played Shadow of the ninja ...>_< dying @ the same spot over and over shows how hard the damn game was.
and it was for the nes too.

3934d ago
ChickeyCantor3933d ago

SOTC was awsome i wanna play ICO but dont have a PS2 anymore.>_<

Gorgon3931d ago

Sorry to answer so late! Maybe its to late already...

Anyway, I've been a PC gamer always, and have little experience with console games with a few exceptions. I think the last game I REALY enjoyed was Knights of the Old Republic...yep, a few years ago. Honestly, I've been getting disappointed at later games. Not that STALKER or Bioshock aren't good. They ARE good. But they are not DA [email protected]&IT.

For consoles I would say Shadow of the Colossus was the best thing in PS2, and its a DAMN GOOD GAME!!! I hope they make a sequel or something similar.

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crippler6663934d ago

Manic Minor
Jet Set Willy
Chuckie Egg
Kung-Fu Master

Some one should update these games, I spent hours on these games as a kid.