IGN: Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Review- 9.0

"Sonic 1 we called impressive. Sonic 2 we labeled great. Sonic 3, though, is the best of them all – and deservingly earns the highest score of the trilogy. But we recognize that the issue of its connection to the so-far-unreleased Sonic & Knuckles is a point of contention, and it may make even serious fans want to wait a while before investing 800 Wii Points here. If that's you, we understand. But we're going to give Sonic the benefit of the doubt this time and stand by the quality of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, even as a standalone game. Because compared to the trash he's been involved in lately, just Sonic 3 alone is pure gaming gold."

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Wolfmoonstrike3842d ago

go sonic! man remember the old days when you could go so fast that you would leave the screen behind? Back before it was 3d. ahh those were the days.

JACKRABBIT3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

How dose this get a 9.0? This is why i don't listen to reviews. How can this get a nine HS get a 7.5. NEWS FLASH we are not in 1989 any more come on.

Dam sorry if my post offended you.It's not like i killed your dog or something worse.I just gave my two cents. Sorry again i didn't know Sonic was your kid.

Wolfmoonstrike3842d ago

hey man scr*w you thats a tight @ss game. Its a classic!!!! It's like saying FF7 if it got ported to the PS store didn't deserve 9/10 or 10/10.

rev203842d ago

people actually buy this.


DeckUKold3842d ago

come on classics like these never or probably u to young to understand ok and heavenly sword is a very short game it's worth $40


Sorry i wasn't aware the time machine was invented yet thats my fought.
Oh it's not good to assume things i'm an O.G. (aka) original gamer i can still remember coleco vision and yes i've played all the sonics.Stop living in the past it's 2007