Ikaruga Announced For Xbox Live Arcade

"Think Rez was the only too-good-to-be-true announcement for Xbox Live Arcade at the Microsoft Japan presser? Hah. WRONG. Not only are we getting Rez, we are also getting another Dreamcast favourite. Ikaruga. For real. Same colour-crossing, same perfect shooter, just with shinier new graphics. Please, begin pinching yourselves. We need to make sure this isn't some mysterious, mass hallucination."

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Zhuk3910d ago

Ikaruga is a classic game, it is great that Treasure and Microsoft are bringing this amazing DC classic to a wider audience to appreciate.

Times like this make me happy to be a gamer *sniffle*

PS360WII3910d ago

I played this alot on the GC great intense game. If you never played it you should probably check it out